Patons 1950’s Knit Dress Pattern pdf

vintage knit jumper pattern

I have uploaded for you, my dear readers, a Patons 1950s Knit Dress Pattern  that was just given to me, for your knitting pleasure!

The dress call for Light Paton’s Beehive Crepe yarn and is a 34-35″ bust. If you are a different size, are not comfortable adjusting knit patterns, and actually want to knit this dress, let me know and I would be happy to help re-size the pattern. I would love to see this knit! If you look closely at the scan, you can see pencil marks from where Dorothy changed some of the stitch counts herself.

Unfortunately the pattern doesn’t have a date on it. But it was published by Patons & Baldwins, Ltd. Made and printed in Great Britain. It says: Please address knitting enquiries concerning this booklet to Dept. SHB, Patons & Baldwins Ltd., Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex.

Someone asked for a copy of the suit pattern that is on the bottom right of the array of vintage knitting patterns from my original post. Unfortunately, the booklet is missing several pages and that suit pattern is one of them. However, after I posted the picture, Dorothy called Nanny She who email me to say that she made the suit and modelled it in a fashion show in her early twenties  and……. SHE STILL HAS IT! She promised to show it to me when I’m next in Santa Barbara and I promise to share pictures when that happens!

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  1. Love this style of dress on me, so lve to see this post. Now as far as knitting it….well, it may be a bit much for me.
    Thanks for putting it on. LOVE YOUR SITE!!

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