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Despite my grand love for knitting socks, I’m ready to take a break from them for a while. On my big trip, I only brought sock yarn and small needles, so I knit nothing but socks for four months (and a couple of baby things that I could fit on the sock needles from the leftover yarn). These Jaywalker socks are the last socks from my trip. (I can’t tell you when I’ll return to socks, because I really love knitting socks, but I can tell you that my next project is going to be with extra bulky yarn!).

pastel jaywalker socks 2

I used the Jaywalker pattern by Grumperina to knit these socks from self-striping sock yarn (Zitron Trekking XXL) that I stole from my mom’s stash. I never buy self-striping yarn because I prefer to knit lace and cables and self-striping really looks best in stockinette. However, I thought the Jaywalker pattern was a nice choice for this yarn because it had some increases and decreases (to make the chevron shapes) which were shown nicely in the stripe yarn. Pastels aren’t my first choice of colors either, but I don’t usually care if my socks match the rest of my outfit, so they will be worn. (I I knit them to my giant foot size not my mom’s petite foot size, so I can’t gift them to her!)

pastel jaywalker socks

I like the heel on this sock. The bias fabric created by the chevron shape makes for an interesting wearing sock. It doesn’t really have stretch in the round, so it needs to be no or positive ease, which gives it a tendency to droop. I made a silly move on the ribbing – it’s knit from top down and supposed to have a knit through back loop ribbing, but I decided to just do a normal 1×1 ribbing, not thinking about how much tighter the ribbing is when knit through the back loop. So on the second sock I knit 8 fewer stitches in the ribbing and then I cut off the ribbing of the first sock and reknit it with fewer stitches. I actually quite disliked knitting with the yarn – it’s 75% wool but it felt really acrylic to knit. But, despite these nit-picking details, I’m happy with the socks.

baby socks pastel

I had just enough left over in the skein to make a pair of baby socks so I used the Dear Me socks pattern by Loria Luden. No specific intended recipient for the socks at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll have a friend to give them to soon! A simple pattern perfect for using the last little bits of fingering yarn. And it’s always nice to have handmade baby goods in my stash so that I don’t have to rush to have a special present for pregnant friends.

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  1. Wow, Jaywalkers, this brings back memories! I used to be a huge knitter when this pattern was released, when Grumperina was getting her PhD (and I was envious of her being in grad school, LOL). I started knitting 1 sock and don’t think I ever finished it. Great pattern, but knitting socks is just not my thing!

    This pastel yarn is pretty fun, so I hope you enjoy wearing them. :)

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  2. I love the color palette! I made this least year, or was it the year before? And they turned out to be a tad too small and are a royal pain to get on due to lack of stretching, but I love how they look. I may give it another shot in a slightly larger size.
    BTW, I found your blog while googling “sewing through graduate school” and now I’m looking back through all the posts. <3

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