These Are Not Pants

Pink and orange tribal print leggings

I am a firm believer that leggings are not pants. But these leggings are doing everything in their power to convince me otherwise. Holy cow are these comfortable! And bright! And happy! And comfortable!!!

hand drafted leggings

I honestly haven’t had a pair of leggings up to this point that actually fit me well (I mean, come on, they’re super stretchy, what is there to fit, right? Wrong. They’re never long enough and always give me a slight wedgy. Not cool.) I drafted these (check out Miranda of One Little Minute’s tutorial on drafting your own leggings for a great how-to) and sewed them with 1″ negative ease out of scuba knit (it was labeled with the generic label of performance knit where I bought it, but I’ve seen the same material elsewhere with the slightly more specific label of scuba).

pink and orange scuba leggings

I’m afraid these are going to initiate a complete revamping of my daily wardrobe. I don’t really have anything the right length to wear with thick leggings (I’ve been gravitating to maxi skirts recently). This sweater worked for photos, but, since these are not pants, I won’t wear it out and about like this. So, I have a feeling there will be a series of tunic length tops being cranked out soon to wear with these leggings (and the 2 other pair for which I’ve already bought fabric). Because they are that awesome.

tribal legggings at contemporary jewish museum

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  1. These are fantastic. And I love leggings, despite having the “too tall” problem as well. I have plans to draft my own soon with some awesome geeky fabric. Thanks for sharing yours to urge me along a little faster!!! lol

  2. LOVE the fabric. Scuba fabric though? Is it neoprene? Thick and hot? I have seen this blogged about but just can’t wrap my head around wearing a wet suit!

    But I digress. LOVE the print, and the fit looks awesome!

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      They aren’t actually neoprene. I was told it’s ~95% nylon or polyester and ~5% spandex. Totally different from wearing a wet suit. It’s quite thick for a knit and squishy but still actually breathes.

  3. Oh these leggings are so cool! I LOVE the print. And I totally agree – leggings “ARE NOT PANTS”! But they sure are comfortable so I totally understand why people come up with ways to wear them as such. ;)

  4. Love these, Erin! I wear stuff like this all the time. In fact, I made a short “tube” skirt out of black wool doubleknit to wear over this sort of thing as a “butt wrap”. I also wear them with a sheath dress that I made by lengthening a t-shirt and making out of the black wool double knit.

    So cute!

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  5. Woo hoo! These leggings look like fun! Great job making sure the print hits both your legs in the same place – RTW would never take that amount of time & care. Totally agree about leggings not being pants. For me the requirement is to have your butt covered. Also love the addition of PhD to your header. Congrats!

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