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blue and black and yellow leggings

Alright internet, are you ready to see some pictures of me not wearing pants? Okay, yeah, I did just show myself off in my new bikini, so maybe that’s a silly question.

packing boxes sewing room

After recently discovering that leggings are in fact amazingly easy to sew and ZOMG SO COMFY to wear (when they actually fit you) (yeah, I’m a little late in the game), I went ahead and bought another 2 lengths of the same scuba fabric in different colorways so I could make some more of the exact same leggings.

multicolor tribal print leggings

And now that I’m spending my time packing up our apartment, I’m pretty much only wearing these 3 pairs of leggings. I’d be even more ashamed if Adam didn’t travel so much, but he’s gone enough that nobody knows these are all I’m wearing right now and let’s just keep the secret between you and me (and now the whole internet), okay?

packing box tribal leggings

Fortunately for the world, I am still a strong believer that Leggings Are Not Pants, so I don’t leave the house looking like this because amazingly enough I don’t own a single tunic length top. That will be remedied soon, I swear, because this girl is going a little legging crazy right now (and by this girl I mean me) and I want to be able to run around town wearing them!

black and white leggings boxes

Oddly enough, the three fabrics were supposed to be identical but the black and white colorway definitely doesn’t have as much stretch as the other two pair so they’re a little snug when I’m doing moving-box-calisthenics. I’m always frustrated when that happens, but they’re still wearable, and the awesome scuba fabric keeps me lookin’ smooth, so I guess it’s okay.

black and white leggings on floor

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  1. You’re doing it right with the not pants. I don’t do leggings for everyday either, unless I am running or doing some sorta major physical activity like hiking where I need to move freely about the world… or say moving a zillion boxes like this. I love that fabric. LOVE! Enjoy all the moving.

  2. Haha I’ve only recently come around to the leggings thing too – I’ve never really worn them becaue I hate the “leggings with ballet flats” thing where you can see the feet, and I’ve always worn pantihose.

    Then I made some Ohh La leggings by Papercut and didn’t want to take them off. And last week I made the Anima pants by Papercut and they’re basically my default clothes – I put them on as SOON as I get home. Plus I can technically wear those out of the house (leggings are not pants! And neither are pantihose, strange women).

  3. Okay, I’ll bite. I refrained from asking on your earlier post, but I have to ask *now.” Where did you get the fabric? It’s great! I live on the SF peninsula, so I’m somewhat local.



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      I got the scuba at Fabric Outlet on Mission and 17th where it was labeled something generic like “performance fabric”. I also saw some gorgeous scuba at Britex but at a much heftier price tag.

  4. Haha, here’s another one who’s late to join the leggings-party. I’ve been eyeballing the scuba fabric at my local fabric store, but I’m a bit hesitant. At least the ones that they’ve got feel awfully thick, so I’m worried that they’ll be hot and won’t breath either. But how are yours? They sure look comfy!

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      The scuba is absolutely perfect for leggings – no worries about anything showing through, warm, but still breathable. It does feel quite thick but it really is great at it puts them as close to being pants as possible!

  5. Just noticed you changed your header to Seamstress Erin PhD, good for you, made me smile! As did the leggins not pants (which is an even wierder sentance if you’re used to pants being underwear) – great pattern on that fabric.
    ProlificProjectStarter PhD

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  6. You look great in leggings! If I had those legs I’d wear leggings everywhere. I love the prints you’ve used – so cool.

  7. Fellow science-y (geochemist) (aspiring) seamstress and just discovered your blog! I love that you call leggings “not pants!” I had a prof in undergrad and now a conference buddy who would constantly go on about how leggings are not pants. We have a running joke that she should keep a pair of overalls in her office to hand out to any student wearing leggings as pants. We are talking t-shirt and leggings in a classroom or, worse, on a geology field trip. I’m all for a good pair of leggings with a tunic and boots :)

  8. Seriously loving your crazy print leggings. I am glad you’re still standing firm on the not real pants front. They seem like the perfect thing to wear while packing – I bet every time you look down you smile & get some bonus packing energy! Good luck with all the packing & moving.

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