Orange and Turquoise Howlite Necklace

orange and turquoise pendant

Turquoise and orange. Not a color combo I often rock. I don’t wear much orange since it’s not great with my skin. But it’s so bright and happy and attention grabbing, especially paired with blue, that I’m determined to add some orange into my life this summer. (No, it’s not just because I want to be Oona, but that is one small part of it ;)

orange and turquoise howlite necklace

Like my pink skulls necklace, the beads on this necklace are made from howlite, a stone that is commonly dyed to resemble other more expensive stones like turquoise. The pendant was from a necklace that I bought at a thrift store aeons ago, whose fake leather cord promptly broke, and so the pendant sat in my bead box for a very long time.

turquoise and orange beads on bead board

I got a little excited and ended up buying a LOT of howlite turquoise beads (as you can clearly see). I played around with a bunch of different designs using different numbers and sizes and arrangements of beads, but ended up with something pretty simple. ┬áThat’s a re-occuring theme when I spend time beading – lots of playing around with funky bold arrangements, and then I end up with basic and simple anyway. Knowing this pattern, I’ll try and push my comfort zone in the future. But hey, it works, and I like the necklace, so maybe it’s okay to stay in my crafting comfort zone sometimes.

turquoise and orange necklace with stripes

The construction on this necklace was the same as my pink skull necklace, so check it out for some construction details. If you want to make your own, grab some supplies and go for it!


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  1. I love orange and turquoise, my daughter is just finishing up a coral (not so bright orange) top and is looking for something that could bring in her turquoise shoes. I will definitely be hitting up the local craft stores to see what I can find. Your necklace is adorable!

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  2. FABULOUS! Obviously I’m a bit biased with the orange and all, but great job. I am amazed by your talents and abilities in so many different mediums. You must be very organized :-)

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