#OOTD Month 2: I Quit

I’m not one to give up on things. I finish reading books even if I hate them. I can’t leave a movie half way through. If I find a new musician I like I listen to their whole discography. But I’m already quitting the challenge I gave myself at the beginning of the year. Why? I learned what I needed to learn from it for a while.

I challenged myself to take an OOTD photo of myself every day to help me re-figure out my style and to push myself out of dressing like a schlub and back into looking at every day as another chance to play dress up. I learned quite a bit during January about the current state of my closet and the silhouettes that feel good to me right now. I cemented those findings when I read and worked through the Curated Closet. I posted some photos in February but I let it fizzle off. And that’s enough for the moment until I can get my wardrobe shifted toward a selection of things that inspire me more. I may do it again when the seasons have shifted to help me work through a different subset of my closet. I may not. We’ll see.

I do have a sewing plan. I’m pretty excited about the vision for my style that I put together using the Curated Closet. I know it’s going to be a slooow process getting there since personal sewing time is sparse these days. And I’m going to try to be zen about that. I purged my “to sew” list and have started it over again to reflect my new vision. I’m going to focus on sewing things that help bring me closer to my wardrobe vision and not get distracted by shiny patterns or shiny fabrics that don’t fit the vibe (I’ll go back to letting myself be distracted by shiny once my closet’s in a bit better shape).

I’m focusing on a narrow color palette and using exciting fabrics. I have a short list to meet immediate winter needs that will probably grow as I finish pieces and see how they play with others. And it will certainly grow as I hit other seasons. Currently in my queue (in no particular order):

denim mini skirt – high waist
denim mini skirt – heavily embroidered
black wool Fumeterre skirt
wool A-line maxi skirt
flannel shirt

bright Presidio Purse
wool & tafetta skirt
DVF style wrap dress
leather jacket

nursing bra
exercise shirt

pillows for Evie’s room
pillows for the TV room
quilt for Evie’s room
flannel shirt for Adam

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