#OOTD Month 1: What I’ve Learned

Wow. 1 month of taking photos of my #ootd and I’ve already learned a ton. (As a reminder, I’ve challenged myself to take #OOTD photos for a year in order to get out of my current rut re-discover my style). The first thing I’ve learned, which isn’t really much of a suprise, is that I hate taking photos of myself every day! Other than that, I’m pretty excited about what I’ve been learning about the clothes I like to wear, the clothes I look good in, and the gaps in my current closet.

I think that my overall philosophy toward clothing has certainly been cemented this month. I’ve decided that it’s of the utmost importance to me that the clothes I have be well made and fit well. I’d rather have a smaller selection of things I truly love than a closet full of things that leave me frustrated or un-inspired. I’ve challenged myself to try and wear everything seasonally appropriate in my closet at some point each season to figure out if items are orphans because there’s something wrong with them or because I’m just not in the habit of wearing them. Thanks to doing this, I’ve already sent a pile of clothes to the thrift store.

I adore the idea of my olive green high-waist wool skirt (sewn pre-blog), but the construction is really shoddy and that drives me crazy so out it goes. I’ve decided to replace it with a wool fumeterre skirt. I love the idea of fuchsia jeans, but I didn’t get the crotch curve right in the front and that drives me crazy so out it goes. The pink gingham blouse (sewn pre-blog) has never fit right through my shoulders so out it goes. The sleeves on the RTW pink sweater don’t fit so out it goes. I don’t like my pleat-front jeans on my current post-baby body, but I’m going to try them again this summer to see if my body has continued to change to the point to where I like them again or to see if they work better with more summery tops. If not, I’ll donate them then. The 40’s sailor skirt is cute, but it just isn’t me. I like it better chopped to a mini, but the silhouette wasn’t quite right so out it goes. (What I do like from these garments? High waists, maxis, and minis.)

It’s very obvious to me when an outfit feels just right. My Plantain maxi hack, Jasper sweatshirt with shingled maxi Conifer Skirt, cat lady sweatshirt with My Favorite Skirt, plaid flannel shirt with red ponte skirt, and layered vintage slips are all completely and totally me. What can I say, I love maxi skirts :) This shows me that I’d like a couple more winter appropriate dresses and another flannel shirt. Ridiculous fabric and bright colors are always encouraged. And I won’t say no to even more maxis in my closet.

What I’m not totally sure what to do about is the stack of outfits that feel fine. They’re nothing special but nothing awful. While I’m fine with a pared down wardrobe, I don’t want a minimalist capsule wardrobe, so I’m not going to go all Marie Kondo on my closet. I think my plan of attack is to see if some more shuffling of these items turns them into more exciting outfits. I think I also need to face that, while my general philosophy is that every day is another chance to play dress up, the reality of things is that some days are more exciting to get dressed than others. For example, I pull on the RTW black dress and leggings or the Conifer Skirt and leggings when I just want to be cozy. And that’s probably fine. The outfits are still colorful and quirky, even if they’re not anything amazing.

As a final note, interestingly (to me), it’s no longer of the utmost importance to me that every single thing in my closet be handmade (a goal that I had been working on for a couple of years now). Since my sewing time is so limited right now, I’d rather have some RTW that I can pair with the things I love to sew than to feel obligated to crank out stuff I’m not excited to sew. It was kind of a revelation to decide this.


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  1. This is a great experiment, you’ve learned a lot about what you like and how that relates to how you feel. I love that you’re being true to yourself. I feel inspired to try out this experiment for myself!

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