One Hour Halter in Sew News June/July 2015

one hour halter sew news

My super fast, super easy, and super cute (if I do say so myself) one hour halter pattern is in Sew News magazine this June/July. One of the perks about needing to sew samples for magazine articles is getting to keep the finished garments, and since magazines run on such long lag times, it feels like Christmas when they come back to me – since I’ve just about forgotten them it’s like they’re brand new to me! The color of the sample on the model doesn’t look great on me but it’s good on my mom so she’s a happy recipient of that one (as well as both tunics from my last Sew News article. Lucky mom!). I’m digging the fact that I have a metallic gold version for myself now – I just have to actually go out some evening so I get the chance to wear it! I have visions of gold go-go boots to wear with it…

one hour halter inspiration 2004

I think it’s fun to learn where designers get their inspiration, so I thought I would share mine. I originally made a version of this halter during my freshman year of college (and here’s baby face me wearing it!). I was working in my college costume shop and was inspired by a set of dresses that someone had made for a dance performance. Funnily enough, I still have the original top and wore it last week in NYC with my SATC skirt!

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  1. looking good there Erin. I can just see you in a gold halterneck with gold boots channeling the spirit of wonderwoman!

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