Off My Needles

Last month I tried to shame myself into finishing up some knitting projects that have been accumulating mostly-done in my drawer. Well, my self-shame and a week sick on the couch combined to be just what I needed to get-er-done!

Here’s a quick peak at what I’ve recently finished. Click the links to Ravelry if you want more details about the projects.

baby's first fair isle sweater

I finished the second colorway of my Baby’s First Fair Isle Sweater! I love how it turned out. It’s really satisfying to knit up my own pattern and to be so proud of the result.

french girl sophia sweater

I finished my Sophia sweater (another French Girl Knits, my fourth sweater from this book). Man this project was a nightmare. I ripped the collar off and re-grafted in onto the body 3 times before it was done. But, it’s done and it will be good to have in my wardrobe.

duck baby booties

I finished the duck feet. Super cute and sitting in the cupboard waiting for the right baby.

little coffee bean baby sweater

I knit a baby sweater for a co-worker. This pattern has become my go-to for simple baby sweaters. I had fun using up the remnants of several different yarns from my stash for this one.

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