Not Viking-esque But Still Not Good Vest


This vest is a woof. And apparently it started off mediocre and my repairs made it worse. I thought I could get away with wearing it regardless because it sure is cosy, but after looking at these photos I’m sending it off to the thrift store.

Fall kicks into vest season, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. I like that I can still wear skirts and long sleeve tees, but I do start to need an extra bit of warmth now that the days are shorter and greyer and blusterier, and vests are the perfect thing, even as we move into winter. I have two vests in my closet right now, but only one actually zips over my bust (thank you nursing), so I figured some vest sewing action was in order – and quickly before fall leaves and winter is here because winter really is sweater season, not vest season!


I had 1 yard of this suede backed Berber in my stash that I found at the thrift store this summer. I thought it would work well because I could leave the edges raw which would make it a really quick sew and use minimal fabric since it was going to be a squeeze to make something out of only a yard. I put a fun buckle that I had in my stash (a gift from my mom) at the waist. I like the simplicity and how easy it is to put on and take off (a heating vent blows down onto my desk so when the furnace is on the vest comes off).


I debated which side to use as the right side and whether to have my seam allowances showing and decided on fluffy with a contrast waistband and “no”. I figured that since it was a top layer I could get away without darts and whipped up a simple vest that crossed and draped in front. It was a woof. I felt way too Viking-esque for my taste. This is the before photo, and what’s funny is that in hindsight, this really doesn’t look too bad. I probably would have worn this still if I would have left it like this.


I ripped the whole thing apart, added in darts into the waistband in the bodice front and back, tightened the waistband, darted the lower panel for a bit of a peplum shape, and added a second bust dart in the armhole. Then I trimmed away the armhole so it was narrower through the shoulder and less boxy. And now I hate it. The length isn’t flattering but it’s all I could get out of the yardage I had. The front overlap is too much with such a bulky fabric and making it more fitted just makes it look like I’m inches thicker all around instead of the bulk clearly coming from a non-fitted outer layer.

Oops. Live and learn. I’ve got two other vest WIPs right now, so hopefully they turn out better! Any major woofs in your sewing recently?


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