Newcastle Cardigan for Adam

Purple and Black Newcastle Mens Cardigan

I finally sewed Adam a real piece of clothing. I’ve made him ties and pajama bottoms before, but never a  garment that he can wear daily. Every time he mentions needing a new piece of clothing (I need more dress shirt. I could use a pair of chinos. etc.) I offer to make them for him, but he always hems and haws and goes ahead and buys the item. And then I saw the Newcastle Cardigan pattern by Thread Theory and showed Adam the pattern, saying that I thought it would be very handsome on him and I would make it for him. And he liked it and said “Yes. That would be great. Can I help pick the fabric? You’ve never offered to sew anything for me before.” And I was like “Whaaaat????”

Men's Shawl Collar Cardigan Sweatshirt

It turns out, that in Adam’s head, all those “I can make that for you” offers weren’t serious because I didn’t show him the exact pattern I would use. Boys. He tried to defend himself by saying that he can’t picture what I’m talking about without me showing him a picture, and I reminded him that all he had to do is show me a picture of what he wants and I can make it. Oh well. He now has a new cardigan, and he loves it.

Men's Cardigan Sweatshirt Cuffs

I really enjoyed sewing this pattern. It was well written and well constructed. I had to shorten the sleeves by a considerable amount and the body by a bit because Adam is a shortie, but otherwise I followed the pattern closely. I opted to use the smaller collar with the contrasting yoke (Version 1) with the minor change of cutting the cuffs out of the contrast as well.  I also added contrast patches the elbows (and seem to have neglected getting photos of them. But they look nice. I promise.)

Shawl Collar Cardigan Contrast Shoulder Yoke

I used two different sweatshirt knits. The body is a soft purple and black heather (with a very bright purple inside!) that had a lot of drape. It was significantly wider than 60″, so there’s plenty leftover for me to make a sweatshirt for myself as well. We’ll just have to coordinate so we don’t wear them on the same day because that would be gross :) The contrast fabric was a pretty heavy sweatshirt knit with a significant synthetic content. I was worried that having the two fabrics such different weights would be a problem, but it worked out nicely.

Newcastle Cardigan desatured small

The buttons are vintage and, horror of horrors, one broke after the first time through the dryer. Fortunately, I had a couple of extra and from here on out, this is getting hung to dry. Adam’s already worn the sweater several times and loves telling people that I made it for him, which makes me smile.

Newcast Cardigan by Thread Theory

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  1. I recently bought the Jedediah pants from Thread Theory (still need to make them though) and then dismissed this cardigan as “hmm, don’t think my boyfriend is going to wear that”, but your version is making me doubt that sentiment… It looks great!

  2. Wow – I love everything about this! Such lovely fabric too :)
    I might just have to go ahead and make one for my other half, I have never made any clothing for him (he has never asked to be fair, I don’t think it ever occured to him. Although he does have a far more substantial amount of clothing in his wardrobe than I do!) I just end up with all the repairs and alterations…not quite as much fun!

    1. Post

      I can speak from experience, sewing clothing for the Other Half is waaay more fun than just doing all his repairs!

  3. This is great! I love the subtle contrasting fabrics. My husband is always asking me to sew for him! Does this run true to size? My husband is normally an XL in RTW and I was just curious if it runs small, since its slim fit.

    1. Post

      I chose the pattern size based on the measurements listed on the envelope and it fit Adam perfectly. He likes to wear his clothes slim fitting and this is definitely a slim fit cut. If your husband likes to wear thing a bit looser, I would go up a size or not taper the side seam as much. Have fun with it!

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