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Needlepoint San Francisco interior

Add one more hobby to my list – needlepoint. I was recently drawing a pattern for what I thought would be a cross-stitch. But when I got it finished, it struck me that it would be beautiful as a needlepoint. So, I set out to start a needlepoint project. My first stop was Needlpoint, Inc., a retail store in downtown San Francisco that is dedicated to, you guessed it, needlepoint.

Needlepoint SF hand painted canvasesAs I was poking around the shop, I started chatting with a sweet woman who was sitting in the corner, working on a needlepoint project. She introduced herself as Diane, and I learned that she is the owner of the shop. She patiently answered my questions and showed me finished ¬†inspiration projects and ready-to-go canvases around the store that she thought I would like. What I took home the most? “There is no wrong way to needlepoint.” Okay! That’s all the encouragement I need to jump in!

Needlepoint SF Wall of YarnNeedlepoint carries an amazing assortment of hand-painted canvases in all different sizes in a broad selection of styles. I really enjoyed poking through them, but I have it in my head to do a counted needlepoint project. That means that, instead of stitching onto a pre-painted canvas using the paint to show me where to stitch, I’m going to use a chart to count the actual stitches (much like I did growing up with counted cross-stitch) so I bought a yard of blank canvas. There was entire wall of different yarns (swoon) in 100% silk, 100% wool, and blends. I had to restrain myself to keep from buying all of it!



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  1. Thanks for posting this! I was actually just trying to find a good place to pick up an embroidery hoop and some floss in SF the other day. I’ll have to check Needlepoint out!

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