My Week in Pictures

plein air invitational borrego springs

desert wildflowers

badlands from font's point

blooming silver cholla

mom and dragon by ricardo breceda

beavertail cactus bloom

anna's hummingbird in ocotillo

Had a wonderful, restful, inspiring week visiting my mom in Borrego Springs, a town plop in the center of the gigantic Anza Borrego Desert State Park in southern California. The desert wildflowers were blooming everywhere. I always love the gigantic metal sculptures of Ricardo Breceda and took tons of photos of them when I visited last year.

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  1. Hi Erin, I attended a couple of the sew blogger get togethers in the bay area with you (I’m the artist). We are actually in the middle of buying a home in Borrego Springs. I’m still in the Bay Area, but that’s where we’ll be moving. I’ve been searching every day for the latest images of people’s adventures in Borrego Valley and up popped your post. Cool. I wish I was there — yesterday! I’m so happy to follow your passages from PhD to wedding to world travel and sewing business. You are living a life of adventure. That’s how my sister went, too. With PhD in her pocket, she moved to Santa Fe and now raises Navajo churro sheep, milking them, and shearing, carding, spinning, weaving and knitting their wool. She enters wool festival competitions and wins 1st places and grand prizes. I’m still laboring on my own massive project — my reward upon finish will be moving to that beautiful desert to paint and teach workshops. Life is grand!

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      What a great coincidence! So glad to hear an update on your life and that you’re having grand adventures as well. Borrego Springs is lovely and I’m sure that it will be a wonderful next chapter to your life!

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