My Stash is Out of Control

Grey cat in fabric stash
As part of my Organize January mission, and inspired by the stashbusting sewalong, I decided to take every piece of fabric I own off the shelf, measure it, organize it into piles, fold it back on the shelf, and make a spreadsheet quantifying my stash. Oh my goodness I have a lot of fabric. I have 254 yards of stashed fabric. Even I will admit that it’s a bit excessive. If I don’t count fabric that I have been given and don’t count fabric that I’ve had since highschool, it leaves me with 100 yards. That’s still a lot. So, I’m putting it out to the world that I’m happy to share my fabric! I’ve photographed everything and listed a description and yardage in the same order as the picture.  So, if anything catches your eye, let me know!!

blouseweight stash

Blouseweight fabrics:
Easter egg cotton blend 1.75
Black and roses 1.00
Tan with black tribal 1.75
Purple rayon 0.50
Fuschia raw Silk 1.00
Turquoise mesh sparkle 2.50
Turquoise and black paisley woven 2.50
Pink lace 2.50
Navy Sparkle 3.33
Green rayon 2.75
Blue and gold floral synthetic 4.50
orange and pink batik 2.00
brown floral 1.33
blue and gold geometric rayon 1.50


bottomweight stash

Bottomweight fabrics:

Yellow Twill 0.25
Olive Floral 0.50
Lt brown patterned twill 2.00
Sm brown floral twill 1.50
Green paisley twill 2.00
Brown floral twill 1.00
Tuirquoise twill 3.50
Autumnal Floral wool 0.75
Houndstooth, loose weave 0.44
Corduroy apples 2.33
Yellow twill, heavy 1.00
Red plaid 1.50
Blue heavy linin 1.75
Dark denim 2.00
Gray synthetic twill 0.67

cotton linen lightweight stash

Lightweight linen and cotton:
Grey twill 1.00
Purple branches, quilting cotton 1.25
Tan with rainbow stripes 1.00
Sage floral 1.75
Denim Chambray 1.00
Yellow Provincial tabelcloth 1.50
Grey girl with yellow sundress 1.00
Pink and grey plaid 1.75
Orange on white print 4.50
Salmon linen 1.13
Mustard linen 0.50
Lt brown linen 2.75
Tan linen 1.33
White Linen 1.75
Red and black plaid 4.50
bright kiddy floral 3.00
orange and brown flowers, quilting cotton 2.00
Baseball print 2.33
Skeletons, quilting cotton 3.50

curtains upholstery stashCurtains and Upholstery fabric:

Burnt Sienna embroidered linen 2.50
Mustard upholstery 1.00
Orange squares upholstery 2.00
Off white linen look 1.33
nautical stripe 0.50
Red and gold stripe curtain 1.50
Blue textured upholstery 1.33
Grey boucle 1.50
Grey plush 1.25
Brown textured upholstery 1.50

flannel and stretch knit stash

Flannel and Stretch Cotton:

Brown sixties floral flannel 3.25
Little animals flannel 3.33
Brown stretch knit 4.00
Nude stretch knit 0.50
Rescue Rangers stretch knit 1.25
Burgundy stretch knit 1.00
Muted stripes stretch knit 1.00
Grey stretch knit 1.00
Large golds stripes stretch knit 2.00
Small gold stripes 0.50
White stretch knit 0.50
Purple and sage stripes 6.75

random stash

Gold and black tablecloth 1.39
Sage velour 0.67
Brown velour 0.50
Brown stretch velour 0.25
Brown velboa 2.00
Lilac velboa 2.00
Pink terrycloth 1.75
Seafoam fake knit 3.00

Random stash:

silky stashSilky Stash:

Grey Sealskin 1.50
Pink organza (synthetic) 5.00
Pink & Blue Ikat Silk, sheer 2.00
Burgundy Bangladeshi silk 2.00
Purple handyed batik silk, sheer 1.00
blue/black weave 1.25
Heavy red satin 1.00
Fuschia silk 0.67
Purplee and red weave silk 2.00
Purple silk, light and drapey 1.00
Embroidered burgundy with gold 0.50
Turquoise  with gold print 1.00
Turquoise with diamond border 1.00
Turguoise solid 1.00
White with yellow flowers, sheer 4.50
Black with sheer stripes 1.50
white crepe 3.50
Pale Pink brocade 1.33
Plaid taffeta, turquoise and black 1.50
Pink, brown, white geometric print 2.00
Pink and green floral china brocade 4.50
Burgundy solid satin 4.00
Brown with black floral 1.00
Red brocade 4.75
Red and white brocade 4.00
Fuschia brocade 1.50
Brown solid satin 4.50
Black floral 2.75

wool and velvet stash

Velvet and Wool Stash:

Red plaid boucle 1.50
Grey Wool 1.00
Bright Houndstooth 1.00
Burgundy and grey plaid 2.25
Crushed burgundy velvet 5.00
Crushed burgundy velvet 1.00
Crushed green velvet 1.50
Crushed green velvet 0.56
Crushed green velvet 1.00
Crushed green velvet 1.00
Crushed black velvet 0.83
Black velvet 0.50
Black velvet 1.00

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  1. I’d like to say that looking at your stash made me feel better about mine, but sadly I can’t. That might make you feel better about yours though! :) I have three bins full of fabric, with nothing less than a yard and most are 3 yards or more. You have a fine collection and are no where near the problem state. Trust me.

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