My Sewing Room

My sewing room. My office. My studio. Whatever I call it, here she is. It’s so nice to have my own space and now, two years since we moved here, I think it’s pretty close to done. Of course I’m always adding new bits and bobs and shuffling small things around, but the bones are in place I feel really good about my own little corner of our home. I though it would be fun to show it off! Starting with facing my sewing table. I often have another machine (or two) up on the table but you’ll almost always find the Pfaff I bought in high school and my old serger. Both are due for an upgrade, but they still work.

I was pretty excited about finding this drawer set at the thrift store. A quick coat of yellow spray paint and it’s good to go and great for keeping small notions and tools in order. The bulletin boards are large cork coasters meant to go under potted plants that I glued on hooks so I could hang them.

Moving counterclockwise is my bookshelves.

Inside the cabinet are more sewing notions…

…and my collection of knitting patterns, including many vintage knitting pamphlets and magazines.

I’m constantly curating my book collection as I love reading new books but only want to hang onto the ones that I know I will pull off the shelf again and again or that offer something truly unique.

I have a little brag corner of the magazines, books, and TV that I’ve been in/on as well as my undergraduate and graduate theses. They’re watched over by my grandmother’s and Adam’s grandmother’s sewing tins.

I have french doors off my office that currently open onto a weedy gravel patch, but will be a deer-fenced vegetable garden with a patio by next year! My desk holds my computer and office supplies. It’s an adjustable desk so I can use it standing or sitting which is great for days that involve being on my computer all day.

I have my button collection on display above my desk (read how I organize them here).

A large mirror (left behind in the bathroom when we moved in and repurposed here) is a very nice thing to have!

I have my handmade fabric wedding bouquet on display in the window along with a pot and a stained glass that my grandmother made.

You’re pretty much guaranteed to find 1-3 cats in my office whenever I’m here.

My cutting table is my pride and joy. I built it from scratch, heavily modifying free plans from Ana White. The cloth baskets store and organize sewing supplies. My ironing board is removable from the top and holds my gravity feed iron. The table is on casters so I can tuck it away when I’m not using it and pull it out when I want to reach all sides.

You can see that my table holds and organizes a bunch of stuff! I have a little closet that holds craft supplies and SeamstressErin Designs patterns and garments in development. And a couple more sewing machines.

Eloise, my dress form, watches over my wall of fabric.

If you haven’t figure out yet, I love to have things organized and this is how I organize my sewing patterns and how I organize my fabric.

I have bins that hold my yarn, fabric scraps, batting, WIPs/mending, muslin, quilting fabrics, and garment samples.

Of course I also have little tchotchkes and bits of art tucked around. Did you notice how many homages to Bowie I have? What about my Warhol?

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  1. Wow – I’m so jealous and I just love your functional space! I’m working on getting my own office/sewing space in the near future – just gotta finish some reno’s in other rooms first! Fingers crossed it looks as nice and functional as yours <3

    1. Post

      Thanks! Good luck to you! I’ve definitely made some changes the more I use the space and while it’s “done” now, I wouldn’t be surprised if I make more changes in the future because the longer you’re in a space the more it tells you what it need to be. Or at least that’s how it seems to me :)

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