My Hexagon Quilt is Quilted

quilted hexagon motif 3

I’m so very excited to share more progress on my Hexagon quilt. When it’s totally done, it will go on the back of my couch. After piecing the quilt, I sent it to my mom, a very talented quilter, who assembled and quilted the quilt.

quilted hexagon motif 2

I told her that she had complete artistic control over the quilting. Upon receiving my quilt back, I was thrilled to find that the quilting is like nothing that I would have designed myself and I love it. One of the exciting things about collaborative projects is to create a product unlike what any individual would choose.

quilted hexagon motif 1

For each of the hexagons, my mom quilted several concentric circles, alternating pattern and space. The designs in the innermost circles are all different.

feather quilting

The quilting in the outermost circles are all matching feathers.

floral quilting motif

She chose a slightly variegated thread in shades of purple that blends into the quilt nicely.

circle quilting

Mom and I had a long discussion about perfection while she was working on quilting this quilt. She got a new piece of machinery that regulates tensions in her thread and struggled for a while to get it to work properly. She found that a few of the blocks had imperfect tensions – they were close enough that the quilting is still very strong, but the bottom thread shows a bit in the stitching. It took a lot of convincing on my part to get her not to spend hours ripping out the stitching. I insisted that since my piecing is imperfect, it’s totally acceptable for her quilting to be imperfect. This quilt represents a learning opportunity for both of us.

center of medallion quilting

The final step of this quilt will be for me to sew on the binding. Ugh. It means lots of hand sewing and a new challenge and learning opportunity because of the unusual shape of the edge of the quilt. I’ll certainly share the finished quilt when I get to that point, but think it’s going to take me a while!

quilting on back of quilt

Here’s a glimpse of the back where you can just barely see the quilting.

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