My Hexagon Quilt is Finished!

grey purple green cat couch quilt

I’m so excited to be able to say that I’ve finished my hexagon quilt! The first step was piecing the top. Then I sent it to my mom to quilt it. Then I had to sew all the binding along the edges.

black cat and quilt

Mr. T decided to “help”, which made the process cuddlier, but not any faster. It took several movies worth (how I measure units of time for hand-sewing) to make my way all along the edge to hand sew the binding down. It was helped by being sick a while ago which left me bored, stuck on the couch, and needed something mindless to do with my hands.

convex corner quilt binding

Here you see the backing fabric and an external point. I’m proud of these as they (almost) all came out sharp and looking quite good, if I do say so myself. The pattern included instructions on how to turn the corners to account for the fact that they are all NOT the normal 90 degree corners you find on a normal quilt.

concave corner quilt binding

My internal points didn’t turn out as great. The fabric kind of just bunches into them, but I couldn’t figure out how make them sharp. My mom and her quilting expert friends are 800 miles away, so I decided just to roll with it and learn from them the correct way the next time I encounter such a problem. Regardless, look at how invisible my hand stitching is!

hexagon quilt in living room

I can’t decided how I like the quilt better, draped over the whole couch or folded in half on the back. I’ll probably switch it up (as I am wont to do), but right now I have it as visible as possible because I’m proud of me and want to be able to see it all!

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  1. It is a beautiful quilt and looks great in your lovely room. And your binding's inside corners look just fine.

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