Morgan of Crab&Bee on Sewing and Style

I’m delighted to introduce another guest blogger in my Sewing & Style series, the lovely Morgan of Crab&Bee. She and I were introduced through the stashbusting sewalong and I’m delighted to say that I traded her some linen from my stash for a new-to-me dress pattern. I’m excited to see what she eventually does with the linen and I look forward to eventually sewing up the pattern. I appreciate Morgan’s eco-friendly emphasis and the way she seamlessly melds comfort and elegance.

Morgan of Crab and Bee

I’m Morgan, and I blog at Crab&Bee where I share my creations and ponder sewing, sustainability and fashion. I started sewing a few years ago and it’s steadily become my favorite hobby.

Describe your style. Describe what you sew. What inspires or influences your style?

Comfort is a huge consideration what I wear and sew. I started out sewing cute dresses but I’ve realized that I wear a lot of tunics, semi-fitted tops and jeans (in mostly natural fibers). I’ve learned that I need to be able to move in a garment or else I won’t wear it. I also seek out silhouettes that work well with my particular figure: broad shoulders, broad back and rectangular shape.

Stylistically, my inspirations are a total mish-mash. Right now, I’m drawn to American heritage looks, Minimalism and textile arts like shibori and embroidery. In terms of deciding what to sew next, my top source of inspiration is what other sewing bloggers make!

How does your passion for sewing influence your style? enable your style? hinder your style?

When I was a teenager, I judged myself based on how well or poorly I fit into ready-to-wear clothes. Sewing my own clothing has changed that conversation from “what’s wrong with my body?” to “what technique do I use to make this fit me better?” I used to think a good fit was a tight fit and a good silhouette was a slender one; as I sew more, I feel free to experiment.

Sewing has also enabled me to delve deeper into style; there are so many variables open to someone who makes their own clothing! Before I sewed, I could only choose where I shopped. I think the only hindrance to my style that sewing has brought me is feeling like  sewing a garment is better than buying or even thrifting it. This can get complicated, especially when time is a factor.

Morgan of Crab and Bee in tshirt

I look at every day as a chance to play dress-up. How do you play dress-up?

I’m actually the complete opposite! I’m a big night person, so I spend a lot of time up front making sure what I’m making will fit in easily with what I already have to minimize indecisiveness and maximize sleep. I get frustrated if I have to put too much work into an outfit in the morning.

Does your passion for sewing influence/enable/hinder the style of those around you?

One of the highest compliments I’ve received was from a friend of mine who said that my obsession with durable, repairable shoes has seeped into their consciousness. I value quality and longevity so much more now that I sew, even for shoes and other products, and I’m always giving people an earful about it! Bless them for listening sometimes.

morgan of crab and bee in minor jacket
Did you learn to sew so that you could have a certain style? Does your style require that you are able to sew?

More than anything, I learned to sew because I’ve always been intrigued by the process of turning cloth into a finished garment. Working with physical materials is something I crave and find relaxing. When I was a teenager, this manifested itself by me doing a lot of baking. My family was initially excited and then got tired of eating cookies all the time. Finding sewing as a way to direct that creative physical energy was huge for me, and touches on so many of my interests: art, sustainable living, even math.

Thank you so much for inviting me to share my thoughts on style and sewing, Erin!

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  2. Totally ace and enlightening interview! Thanks both of you for posing and answering the questions. It’s so interesting to get a peak into someone’s sewing decision making! xx

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