More Fabric Stash Additions

Many more thanks to my fabulous mentor and friend. She already sent me a box of fabulous fabric. When I got home from Alaska, I found another box waiting for me. Hooray! I was so proud of myself for recently getting my fabric all organized and nicely folded and fit into a single bookshelf. Well, with these two new boxes of fabric, it doesn’t all fit in on bookshelf any more, but I’m certainly not complaining!

guatemalan fabric

I opened the box to find these beautiful fabrics. I’m guessing South American? There’s not a lot of yardage, but they would be gorgeous as the yoke and pockets on a blouse, maybe with a matching purse. I love the colors.

pinstripe shirting
This is a blouse weight fabric with a lot of yardage. My first thought is 50’s shirtdress, but that’s my first thought when I encounter any light to mid-weight fabric in yardage. I could get creative wiht the stripes and get some funky chevrons going on.
linen fabric

More linen. Mmmm. The blue is trouser weight and will make a gorgeous pair of pants. I have to decide between tailored trousers and loose flowing elastic waist comfy trousers.

assorte batik fabrics

A stack of bright and funky fabrics! The solid yellow has some stiffness to it. I need a new duffel bag and having it this bright yellow would sure make it easy to spot! The other fabrics are batik. Like I commented on the batik in the last batch, I’ve got to do something for my mom out of some of these since she loves batik so much.

herringbone wool

This wool is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. It’s a subtle herringbone, quite thick. And gorgeous. I want to make a whole suit, trousers, skirt, and jacket. And maybe a vest to match the suit. And a swing coat. And a new pillow for the living room. And a matching purse. Certainly not enough yardage to do everything I dream for it, but I will have fun with this! I love that it includes the tags from Cascade Fabrics of Oakland Maine, fine woolens since 1882. (And sad to discover that the wool mill shut down in 1997 and has since burnt down.)

thread and zippers

A whole array of new threads and a couple zippers. Man my thread stash is getting out of control! I can’t imagine there is a color I don’t have by now! (Haha. Right. There will always be a reason to go buy more thread).

vintage button selection

And finally an entire bag of vintage buttons. Golly gee I love buttons! I’m so lucky! Again, do any of these fabrics inspire specific projects for you?

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