Month in Review – January 2015


I kicked off this year of sewing with a sproingy grey cardigan that I’ve been wearing a ton, even if it’s imperfect and a plaid flannel shirt that is totally perfect and with which I am completely obsessed. I also finished knitting a pair of pastel jaywalker socks.


I started a weekly challenge to myself – #IAmAWIP– to explore an aspect of who I am and how it relates to sewing. I started with I Am A Work In Progress and moved onto I Am Tall, I am Organized, and I Am A Pacific NorthWesterner. I’ve been totally inspired by the great conversations that it has started on my blog and on Instagram. I really appreciate people sharing their stories, similarities, and differences and can’t wait for more of the conversations to continue.

Hoi An cloth market 2

I finished writing about my epic honeymoon by sharing my packing list for 4 months in SE Asia and I wrote about my fabric shopping in Hoi An, Vietnam. We got home just over a month ago and it’s amazing how it feels like it was a lifetime ago. I’m so glad that we got to go on the trip, but I am also so happy to be home and so fortunate to lead the life I lead.


I’m excited to share things that have educated and inspired me, so I reviewed a fabric swatch book that I love – Fabric for Fashion: The Swatch Book, an online class on bookkeeping that I love – Bookkeeping for Crafters on CreativeLive, and an online class on photography that I’ve learned a lot from – Basics of Digital Photography on Craftsy.

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