Monster Wear Hat & Mittens Pattern!

MonsterWear Hat and Mittens 8

Sometimes, when it’s chilly outside you need something that will warm you up and put a smile on your face and the faces of those around you. That’s exactly what Monster Wear Hat & Mittens are for! Spring may be starting to show its first signs of arrival, but there’s more winter yet to weather and what better way to weather it than with a faux fur hat with ears and mittens with claws.

Monster Wear at Yuris Night 2008

I first designed this hat and mittens as a costume to wear to a Yuri’s night celebration in 2008 (it was an all day science exhibition and rave to celebrate the first man in space, held at a NASA base. Pretty dang cool. I was a Moon Monster.) It became my go-to hat for staying warm while dancing all night. It got worn to a lot of raves, even more camping trips, and even went to Burning Man a couple of times.

Monster Wear Hat Mittens Boots

I found myself wearing the monster hat and mittens in my everyday life as well and noticed that, while it brought smiles to the faces of other ravers at parties, it brought even bigger smiles to the faces of the barista at the coffee shop, the kids I walked past on the sidewalk, the young man bagging my groceries, my elderly neighbor out on his daily walk.


My pink fur hat finally fell apart, but I wasn’t ready to give up the smiles of those around me, so I decided to sew a new Monster Hat and Mittens and write them into a pattern so you can spread smiles among those around you too!


Simple customizations can make this hat truly yours. Are you self proclaimed crazy cat lady? Change the shape of the ears. Not feeling quite so sartorially silly? Leave off the ears and claws entirely and you’re left with a simple and elegant pair of accessories.

To make this pattern accessible to sewists of all levels and learning styles, I’ve filmed a step-by-step sewalong video that is 3.5 hrs long! You can purchase it with your pdf copy of the pattern.

MonsterWear Hat and Mittens

Read more details about the pattern on the Monster Wear page of my website and pick up a copy for yourself! In the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting some helpful tutorials as well as a step-by-step photo sewalong on my blog. Subscribe to my blog by RSS or email to make sure that you’re getting all the posts, or check in on the Monster Wear page for an index of all of the relevant information.

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  1. Hats are practical and PEOPLE LOVE THEM!!!

    That is all.

    Srsly, very fun and practical design! i’ve worn hats consistently since i got a facial injury 30 years ago and had to wear one every day for a year. I noticed how much calmer my skin was without getting beat by sun all day. The rest is history.

    Hats are super personal, thus i am quite gratified to see hat patterns popping up so more people can make their own dream hat. Kudos for the sewalong video too!

    My flyfishing brother is getting sun damage (what can i say, we’re old) and i am designing a hat for him in an attempt to get him in the habit. hmm, maybe he can wear a Monster Hat and scare the fish into the boat!

  2. Excellent! This is so cool.

    I’ve had some fun fur in my stash for ages intended for something like this. Sounds like it’s time to get around to actually making it!

  3. This is so darn cute! And I love those boots too — they remind me of a pair of big furry slippers (with claws) that I had as a kid and wore to death! So fun!

  4. I am literally brand new to sewing. I just got my machine a couple weeks ago and I just took sewing 101 at my local craft store to learn how to thread my machine correctly. We learned how to sew a basic…mostly straight hem and how to sew two little squares together. I experimented on my own and made tiny little pillow but that’s it. I’ve never worked with a pattern before but this is exactly the kind of thing I am dying to make! Do I need a little more practice before I take this project on? I actually hand dyed white long pile faux fur pink and purple like the cheahire cat to make exactly what you have here but trying to sew it was an epic fail. So im wondering if a true sewing novice can achieve making this awesome set.
    Thank you.

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      For a true novice, this pattern will be a bit of a stretch. If you are the sort of person that likes to learn things the hard way and tends to just dive right in, I would say go for it. Every step of the pattern is illustrated and my website has a step-by-step photo sewalong as well. You’re also welcome to email me with any questions as you go. Since this pattern isn’t designed for brand-new-beginners, perhaps you have a friend who sews that might want to spend an afternoon sewing in the same room as you so you can lean over and ask questions if you get stuck? Also, the hat is a lot easier to sew than the mittens, so starting with the hat and working your way to the mittens after some more experience may be a good plan.

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