Mom’s Maxi Summer Hippy Dress

Mom in Hippy Dress FrontI sewed my mom a sundress for Christmas. Yes, kind of a silly thing to do for someone who lives in Seattle since it was months before she could wear it. But I had the fabric and the pattern and the vision and it was a fun project to make me dream of sunshine midwinter. And now she’s finally wearing it (and wearing it a lot!) so I can share it.

Purple Batik Hippy Dress Back

I drafted the pattern myself, making it similar to a RTW dress that she already had and liked. The fabric is a cotton/rayon  batik print that was a gift from a friend (and a stashbuster!). It has princess seams and front and side facings with a smocked back, although the drape of the fabric and the busy-ness of the print hide the construction.
smocked dress back

The dress gaps a bit in the back now since my mom has lost 20 pounds since I made her this dress (Go Mom!). It still fits well enough since it’s meant to be loose flowing, but the next time I visit, I’ll probably take it in a bit for her. The “smocking” on the back is actually three channels with 3/8″ elastic threaded through them. In the future I may make this again and use elastic thread in the bobbin instead.maxi summer hippy dress purple

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