Mila Overalls in Railroad Stripe

Some people, when they have kids, dress their children to look like them. I’ve always kind of dressed myself like an overgrown toddler so instead, now that I have a kid, I get to dress myself to look like her. She’s had this adorable little pair of OshKosh B’Gosh railroad stripe overalls for quite a while. And now I have a pair of overalls to match!

When my friend Kate at The Confident Stitch offered to send me some denim, all sorts of ideas ran through my head, but I just kept coming back to this beautiful Robert Kaufman reversible stretch denim. I kept thinking that to do it justice I needed to find a way to show off the fact that it is reversible, but you can see that I ended up going grown-up toddler instead.

I used Tilly and the Buttons Mila dungaree pattern. I wanted the fitted overalls look that’s so on trend right now. If you’re wanting to make your own pair, these photos come with the caveat that I completely redrafted the crotch. I found it to be, well, kinda dumpy. TATB hadn’t released many photos of the overalls on a model where you can actually see how they intend for the crotch to fit (there’s been a few more since I sewed mine) and I don’t think my crotch started far from what they intended, but the slightly dropped crotch seemed incongruous with the fitted look and stretch denim so I opted to make them fitted. It comes down to personal preferences.

This may be a situation where I should have gone “shopping” by trying on a similar style in stores before making my own since I’m not as enamored with the look on me as I had hoped I would be. A big part of it is my continual struggle to accept and embrace the belly I have now that I’ve had a kid. And these overalls don’t minimize my belly. On the other hand, I get compliments on them every time I wear them, so maybe I just need to do an even better job of silencing the negative voices in my head (I’m working on it!) so I can enjoy these because they’re fun and comfy (yay for a nice stretch denim!) and playful which are all things I love in my clothes.

I will repeat that this denim is super comfortable. Lots of stretch, pretty decent recovery, and it seems to be holding up well so far. And did I mention that it’s comfortable?

Oh yeah, one other change I made was to sew down the button placket on one side. There’s a lot of curvature in my body from waist to hip so I had to change the angle of the side seam which makes the button placket stick out because of the angle of my body. The plackets sticking out on both sides made my hips look noticeably wider which I didn’t like and I found I can still pretty easily get in and out of the overalls with only one side.

Hmmm… Funny how there’s some things you only notice in photos. It looks like the pockets are too small and high to flatter my derrière, but that may not be the fault of the pattern – I think my crotch re-drafting made the front and back rise higher. I did place them on mid-way during construction but twisting and turning to see your rear end in your mirror only gets you so far, apparently.

I know I don’t sound too thrilled with the finished overalls, but I think that I just need a bit more time to get over myself. You know how when you build something up in your own head, if it falls short, even if it’s perfectly fine how it is, you can’t quite let it go to appreciate it for what it is? I had visions of these being super flattering and fashion forward. And they’re not. But they are comfy and fun and a bit silly, and in all honesty, that’s more my style anyway.

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  1. Comfy, fun and a bit silly sounds like a great conclusion of a project, really!! I think they look lovely and you’ve done a great job with the fit. I am about to embark on a pair of Jenny overalls and I am totally having the same internal battle – am I going to end up with something fashion forward and on trend, or am I going to feel like a big old kid!!!! So I feel the struggle!

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  2. I didn’t get excited on the release of this pattern, because I mostly dislike the shape of the trousers – dislike is a strong word, let’s say I prefer them different. I really like the mods you made, and I think these look lovely on you!
    And I totally share your post partum belly struggles, but from where I see you arr looking really beautiful, and so I will be taming my own demons with the thought that these impressions about ourselves are over the top. You look great (and so happy), maybe it is the same with me.
    Great photos !!

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      Thank you!
      It’s so hard to silence the voices in our own heads, to apply the love an acceptance we give others to ourselves. But it’s so true that we are our own harshest critics. So from the pot to the kettle I say “shut up disapproving voices!” because you and I are both beautiful in our postpartum bodies. <3

  3. I once had a student sincerely ask me, “Are you a grown-up…or just a really big kid?” Luckily that’s the kind of question with no wrong answer, ha! Anyway, I think you look great in these overalls – and just as importantly you look like you’re having fun wearing them! Plus bellies are great, it’s where we keep the extra cookies. :)

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  4. Love them, I see no body flaws just a mum having fun with her kid. You inspire me to make some, maybe the closetcase patterns version? I remember the feeling of freedom when I wore them as a kid not sure how it will work on a 40+ but we shall see.

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      Oh do! Every day is another chance to play dress up, so take the opportunity to play! I think the only thing anyone needs to carry off any style is self-confidence, so I’m sure you’ll be able to wear overalls yourself as long as you feel good in them!

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