Me Made May 2013 Part 1

Me Made May is now half over. It’s been pretty easy to wear something I’ve made every day, but I have  learned from the process. A couple of general insights:

– I hate being told what to do. Even by myself. Every morning I look in my closet and think “Ok, pick something you’ve made. I don’t want to wear something I’ve made. Don’t be silly, of course you do. You almost always wear something you’ve made every day anyway. You don’t  tell me what to do.” Yeah, that whole conversation is with myself. I feel like I’m fighting with a 4 year old inside my own head.

– I have eclectic taste. Okay, so I kinda already knew this. But seeing a photo of myself every day really hits home that I don’t have an easily defined aesthetic. I think I’m okay with this, but it seems like I should find a way to put my taste into words.

MMMay 1and2

Day 1 – My romper. I love it when it’s warm out and I love it when I can wear this romper. What I’ve learned? I want more rompers.

Day 2 – Blouse from tablecloth. Miniskirt from old pants. What I’ve learned? I want more miniskirts. I used to wear a lot of them, and then I got a bit older and more conservative? more self-conscious? Maybe it’s just that I had a denim miniskirt that I wore all the time and then it was stolen out of my laundry a few years ago (I was at a conference. Another woman had a miniskirt stolen the day before. Weird.) and I never replaced it. It’s time to make a denim miniskirt.MMMay 4and5

Day 3 (and 5) – Pink Brocade Peplum top and linen pants. They look a little staid for Las Vegas, but I’m happy with them. No major insight as they are brand new.

Day 4 – RTW Betsey Johnson dress and a hand-knit shawl. I should wear this shawl more often. It’s one of my very first knitting projects and it sits in my scarf bin, so I kind of forget about it. But it’s black and pink (perfect color combo, in my opinion) and I really like and I should wear it as a scarf instead of a shawl. (Also, I hate my hair parted down the center. That was a mistake.)MMMay 6and7

Day 6 – Woven tee and My Favorite Skirt. This is my default skirt. I’ve been wearing it at least weekly for years. My boyfriend loves it since it’s what I was wearing when we met and I love it because it’s so darn comfy. I’ll be teaching a workshop at MakerFaire (this weekend!!)on how to sew this skirt and I’ll post the instructions I’ve put together next week.

Day 7 – Paisley blouse and Red Scalloped Pencil Skirt. It may be time to let this blouse go. It has open shoulders that show bra straps. I wore it a ton when I was skinnier and didn’t have to wear a bra, but now that I’ve got a little more meat, I need to wear a bra and I hate visible bra straps. Maybe I just need to get a strapless bra?

MMMay 8and9

Day 8 – Archer dress. I discovered that a tied scarf is a nice compromise between needing to wear a belt to keep this from looking like pajamas and not wanting to wear one since it’s so much comfier without.

Day 9 – Bow Neck Blouse and Skinny Jeans. I’m not 100% satisfied with these jeans so every time I wear them I’m a bit uncomfortable. The front has just a bit too much ease in it so it ends up poofing out and making it look like I have a pot belly. I’ve obsessed about how to fix them without completely remaking them, and I think it’s time just to jump in and try a few things.

MMMay 10and11

Day 10 – Cowgirl pink gingham dress. I never wear this dress because it’s sheer (fabric too thin) and too short. After being uncomfortable all morning at a brunch I hosted, I decided I was ready to chop it into a shirt so I would actually wear it. And then my boyfriend insisted I couldn’t because I look so hot in it. Grumble.

Day 11 – My jumpsuit! I love this thing, in all of its ridiculousness. I wish I could get away with wearing it every day.

MMMay 12and13

Day 12 – Floral paisley sundress. The belt is a new thrift store score and I think it makes the dress sexy, which is a nice discovery. It’s a go-to for warm weather but it’s nice to now it can be attractive as well.

Day 13 – Butchered RTW top and Pink Pleated Maxi. I really like this top, in theory. In practice, I feel like I’m drowning in it. It was a gift and I’ve already shortened it and narrowed it. I just don’t think the proportions are right for my body and I think it’s time to give up on it.

MMMay 14and15Day 14 – RTW tee shirt and skirt from men’s cargo shorts. I need to take in this skirt. It rides a bit too low, as evidenced by my visible midriff.

Day 15 – Shirt cut down from men’s XL and linen pants. These pictures (and the ones from earlier in the month) make me think I need to wear something with a very defined waist for these pants to be their most attractive.

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