Little Stuffed Leather Snail

big and small leather snails

My giant leather snail had babies. I had some scraps left of the leather coat that I used to sew my giant size Shelby the Snail pattern by Abby Glassenberg and decided to sew a couple of snails that were actual pattern size. I gave one to my soon-to-be-nephew Burke (along with the Northwest Baby Sweater I designed for him) and have the other earmarked for another friend’s baby. I thought that leather made for a great baby gift – sturdy, appropriate for teething, and quirkily unique.

shelby snail stuffy in leather

I sewed the snail on my sewing machine using a denim needle, stitching the stuffing holes closed by hand. On the giant snail, I sewed everything right sides together, as instructed, so all the seams were hidden. For these little guys, I decided to sew them wrong sides together so the that all of the seams are visible, making it a bit more rugged and structural. I really dig the way the exposed seams look on the leather, although it does make me curious to see what it would look like with exposed seams in a more traditional softy material.

small leather snail stuffie

I didn’t add any details to the face, but somehow there’s still so much expression. The exposed seams really define the face area. And maybe it’s just my overactive imagination, but I totally see this little guys smiling!

hand and machine stitching on leather snail

For the giant snail, I had to glue the shell onto the body since the leather was tearing when I tried to sew them together. For these little guys I was able to hand sew them together, tacking together parts of the exposed seams. Like my giant snail, I didn’t sew together the inner spiral and I attached the shell backwards. (This time the backwards was actually on purpose!). I seem to be on a leather kick right now (having just sewn a leather clutch) so I’m starting to scheme where I could use the last little bits of leather scraps on a garment…

abby glassenberg shelby snail stuffie in leather

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