Lightweight Lilac Linen Archer

purple linen archer

I brought a very small selection of clothes on our giant honeymoon. 4 months worth in one small backpack. So I carefully considered every single garment, bought a selection of fabric so that every piece coordinated, and then ran out of time to make most of the “perfect travel wardrobe” that I had envisioned. (I decided that finishing my bridesmaid dresses was more important). However, I did get the chance to sew an Archer blouse out of a lightweight lilac linen and it has definitely been getting its share of wear!

Sop Jam weaving family

It has been the perfect shirt for keeping the sun off of my pasty white fair skin. It’s so lightweight that it doesn’t add much warmth to wear and it’s light in color enough that it acts like a white shirt, reflecting the sun. And the great thing about traveling in linen (in my opinion) is that when it’s a bit wrinkly, it looks like it’s supposed to be a bit wrinkly!

purple linen archer and bamboo

I actually had grand ideas in my head about all the fun details I was going to sew on my next Archer (totally inspired by Carolyn’s many Archers), but I sewed this one in such a rush that I sewed it exactly according to the pattern (other than my usual shoulder and sleeve length adjustments). The linen, although quite lightweight, was easier to sew than my gauze first-ever Archer, although it did require a bit more fussing than when I made it from a heavy rayon.

siem reap purple archer

I didn’t quite have enough fabric to comfortably cut the blouse, so I had to get very creative with my cutting layout. In fact, the pocket is actually several strips of fabric pieced together since I didn’t even have enough fabric for a full pocket! So I topstitched the pieced strips and pretended it was supposed to be like that. The buttons just happened to be in my stash, which was a great surprise and definitely reinforced my hoard-all-the-craft-supplies tendencies!

buddhist temple and archer

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  1. Looks great, Erin! Archers are awesome for wearing in warm weather – you can roll up the sleeves if it gets really hot, and as you mentioned, it provides just enough cover to keep out the sun. You should totally geek out on your next Archer when you get back! Looking forward to checking it out. :)

  2. Your lilac archer is awesome. And the inspiration circle continues . . . you received your Archer inspiration from Carolyn and I received my inspiration from you. Archer, here I come! I have some chambray with Archer written all over it. :-)

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