Leopard Print Infinity Dress

I had previously relegated Infinity Dresses to the category of “bridesmaid dress” in my mental catalog, but I’ve definitely changed my own mind about that with this dress! The pattern is the Knit Infinity Dress that I just launched with Lisa Kievits on Maternity Sewing. We developed it because we wanted a dress that could be worn pregnant or not pregnant (I am most decidedly NOT pregnant, guys) and in the process of developing the pattern I’ve totally become a convert. Go check out our blog post about the release for all of the details on what makes our pattern unique and worth buying, even though there are other infinity dress patterns and tutorials out there (we put a lot of thought into how to make it as awesome as possible).

I’m really digging that I can style this dress anywhere from sexy to vintage elegant depending upon how I wrap it. (Though I am thinking about chopping off even more from the hem which would bring it further into the sexy category. I do want to be able to chase my toddler without worries of flashing my underwear, however, so it may stay the length it is.)

Part of what makes my dress so awesome is the fabric, let’s be honest. It’s a double brushed poly from Califabrics and I totally 100% get why people love DBP. It’s relatively easy to sew, especially for such a stretchy knit, it’s got great drape, phenomenal recovery, and OMG so many good prints! Have you sewn with DBP? I had a bit of yardage left over from cutting this dress and it’s already cut and waiting to be sewn into a t-shirt dress so I don’t ever have to stop wearing the DBP. And leopard print. Apparently I’m newly obsessed with leopard print at the moment (channeling 13-year-old me who got some leopard print faux fur and cut it up and sewed it onto EVERYTHING including my backpack and hey that’s actually a pretty good idea. I should make a faux fur backpack!)

I mean, how awesome is this, the exact same dress, no modifications, looking beautiful on a beautiful woman at 36 weeks pregnant (that’s Lisa, my business partner in Maternity Sewing)! Pop over to our blog post on Maternity Sewing to see the dress on a variety of other size and shape bodies!

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