Lengthening the Ultraviolet Tee (High Drama Option 2)

With just a little bit more work (than the standard easy way to lengthen the Ultraviolet Tee) you can have a shirt that is high drama. By keeping the side the same length but lengthening the scoop on the front and back, you get belly and bum coverage with quite a bit of sexy sass.

To make the high-drama lengthening, draw a new lengthen line through the middle of the curve at the bottom (instead of using the one that is included with the pattern) (Step 1). Cut the Front and Back pieces through the line and separate them your desired length (the example shown is 2-3″) (Step 2). Redraw the curve by gently connecting the point an inch above the cut to an inch below the cut (Step 3). Remember that you use the circle to match the side seams and you want the center front of your shirt to be horizontal so you don’t want to change the curve too close to the side or too close to the front.

This is my new effortlessly-sexy date outfit. Paired with a knit miniskirt it’s super comfy and pretty flirty while remaining pretty suitable for chasing after my one-year-old between getting dressed and leaving for my date. And since dates are few and far between (thanks to said one-year-old), I’ve been pairing the shirt with jeans for an outfit that looks more impressive than jeans-and-a-t-shirt but is still really just jeans-and-a-t-shirt.

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