Lauren of Lladybird on Sewing and Style

Today in my series of interviews with sewing bloggers on their connection between sewing & style, I’m delighted to feature Lauren of Lladybird. I’ve been smitten with Lauren since I first stumbled onto her blog and discovered that she, too, has a septum ring and an attitude. But it’s her fun sense of style and prolific swoon-worthy sewing projects that always bring me back for more.
Lladybird Lauren on Sewing and Style

Describe what you sew.
Haha, what DON’T I sew should be the real question ;) I try to make everything I wear – at least, what people see (although undergarments may very well be in my future. Who knows!). It feels really good to know that my entire outfit – minus shoes – was made with my hands.

How does your passion for sewing enable your style?
I like to say that I have expensive taste on a shoestring budget – and sewing seriously enables me to have certain clothing items that I might not otherwise be able to justify purchasing. No, sewing is not “cheaper” if you are buying all your clothes from discount mall retailers, but it is definitely a cost-effective option if you have your eye on a certain designer piece or really want to only wear natural fibers. Another thing that sewing enables is that I don’t have to spend tons of time or money on precious vintage – I can buy the pattern (vintage or vintage-look) and make it myself with all the finishing details that I prefer. I love vintage, but I don’t like dressing like I stepped out of history book (no hate if that you’re thing, though!), so sewing allows me to modernize vintage pieces without feeling bad that I cut 8″ off a skirt that has survived since the 1930s.

Did you learn to sew so that you could have a certain style?
Pretty much! What first got me sewing was when I realized that certain things I wanted to wear either would not fit me the way I liked due to my size/height or simply were not available where I shopped. I started with very basic alterations – taking in my concert tshirts so they actually fit me, tapering the legs of all my pants so they were skinny (flare jeans were king back in those days), sewing patches and embellishments to clothing. Once I realized I could literally make anything I wanted to wear, I basically stopped buying clothes and I haven’t looked back since!

Has your style changed with time?
Yes, thank god! Not even the super obvious (my first foray into sewing, I was wearing bondage pants and had spikes on everything. Yikes! haha!), but even subtle things that I notice when I look through my closet and at old pictures of things I’ve sewn. I have always favored a very fitted, retro-inspired look, but lately I have let myself brand out into looser styles and colors that I otherwise would not have considered. I think a lot of this has to do with what I see other bloggers sewing up – I see what they make, and I want one too! Extra bonus points if it actually ends up looking good on me!

Anything else you would like to say about sewing and style?
Don’t be afraid to make something that might not fit in with what you envision to be your personal style – some of my favorite things to wear started out as a “sewing experiment” where I really just wanted to try making something but wasn’t sure if it would even work on me.

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  1. LOVE. LAUREN!!! i’ve been using my stovetop timer for sewing bursts ever since i read her productivity post. this makes me reaaallllly want my wardrobe to be all me…which means i’m either wearing a glam dress every day, or i’m learning to make some separates :))

    great series!

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