Laminaria Swimsuit Pattern Testers

The most satisfying and inspiring part of any pattern release is seeing it made up by other women! It is so fun to see a collection of different women using different fabric and making different design decisions, all from the same pattern. I was fortunate to have an amazing, inspiring, creative assortment of women that tested the Laminaria Swimsuit and I’m honored to share some of their gorgeous creations and their thoughts on the pattern! (Because this pattern is a swimsuit there were quite a number of women that asked not to be included in this post – they know who they are and I am just as thankful to them for their help!)

One thing to note – you may notice that the larger sizes show off more cleavage than the smaller sizes regardless of cup size. The final pattern was regraded across the top range of sizes to fix this.

“I had swimsuit fabric for a long time staying in my shelf but too much respect. To sew the Laminaria Swimsuit was my first try with swimsuit fabric and now I’m hooked. It is easy to sew. I love the Laminaria Swimsuit, because it’s so multi-variant and the description to shorten it is even included! I’m only 1,57m high, that’s the reason why I like to sew for myself ;)” Astrid shows off a creative strap hack that a few testers tried. I’ll show you how in the coming sewalong. (Find Astrid on her blog).

“I loved the unique look of this swimsuit. The laminaria insert looks so interesting and was what captured my interest in the drawings of the garment. This swimsuit has perfect booty and bust coverage and is really comfortable to wear and frolick around on the beach.” (Find Isa on her blog or Instagram)

“I love that I made an actual swimsuit; that fits perfectly; was easy to follow; and I know I will make again. I have never made swimwear before so was a little apprehensive but the instructions and pattern was so clear there was no reason to worry.” (Find Jenny on her blog or Instagram).

“I was attracted to View A, being able to colour block and create contrasting patterns sounded like an exciting opportunity, and I thought the bathing suit design would complement my body type.” (Find Julia on Instagram).

“I feel completely comfortable in this suit – everything is “locked in.” I can wrangle my kids at the public pool without fear of gaping or awkward pulling. Yet the design has more style than a standard Speedo, so I am not sacrificing good looks for practicality.
” (Find Kara on Instagram).

“This pattern was so easy and quick to sew, and now I have a me-made swimsuit that looks like ready-to-wear. I love how comfortable it is, and everything stays in place without tugging and pulling.” (Find Karen on her blog).

Kathleen says ” I am new to Erin’s patterns. I was hesitant to attempt a swimsuit because of past failures. I found the instructions very clear, with diagrams when there was a possibility of confusion. I especially liked the way the lining and bathing suit are joined together”.

“View B is a great beginner swimsuit, I can’t quite believe I made my own swimsuit.” (Find Katrina on her blog or on Instagram)

Kelly says “I felt nervous starting this project. But in the end I have a great swimsuit ”

“The unique lines paired with the simplistic design of the swimsuit makes for a very wonderful combination.” (Find Tonya on her blog or Instagram).

“This pattern is perfect for combining a few fabrics together and looking attractive when everyone else looks ordinary.” (Find Maria on her blog or Instagram).

“I really enjoyed pattern testing the Laminaria Swimsuit. It’s a fantastic onepiece with a vintage vibe and flattering to the bodyshape. With the options of different necklines, straps and an insert, it provides a variety of options for different sewing levels to produce a customized make.” (Find Nicky on her blog or Instagram).

Vanessa added a really creative nursing-friendly hack to her swimsuit! She says “I truly enjoyed testing this new swimsuit pattern, the style makes me feel confident about my mom bod, and I truly love that it is easily modifiable for nursing access.” (Find Vanessa on Instagram)

“I loved how this pattern came together. When I had the pieces cut out in front of me, I wasn’t sure how they would fit together.  It was so satisfying and fun to see them come together into a really cute suit that I can be proud of and feel great wearing.”

Ana did some creative color-blocking with her suit – something I hadn’t even considered but I’m excited to try myself!

Dawn says “I had always been too intimidated to try sewing swimwear in the past but when I saw Erin had an opportunity for pattern testing a new swim pattern, I jumped at the chance. Erin’s patterns are always so amazing and her instructions go step-by-step with ample visuals so even the newest seamstress could make a thing of beauty from Erin’s patterns. The pattern and resulting swimsuit were perfect and I can’t wait to make another one.”

Emma writes “I absolutely loved this pattern. The fit and look is amazing. I loved the instructions aimed at all levels. The swimsuit is my all time favourite and will be the first thing I pack in my suitcase as I feel confident and comfortable in it.”

Anyone can pattern test for SeamstressErin Designs. Sign up here to be on the list for future pattern testing!

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