All For Knot Skirt, Keyhole Tee, and Terrycloth Twist in Sew It All Volume 10

Sew It All 10-Cover

Sew It All Volume 10 is out and it’s got a bunch of fun and easy patterns in it – including three of mine! Even if you thrive on masochistic, overly complicated sewing projects (ahem), sometimes it’s fun to sit down and whip out a project in a couple of hours and every project in this magazine would fit that bill.

All For Knot Skirt

All for Knot Skirt features a gigantic Chinese-inspired frog closure on a simple wrap skirt. Of course you could make the skirt without the elaborate frog or use the large frog on a different skirt. I used a gigantic wool I-cord that I salvaged from an old RTW sweater but I kinda want to make the skirt again in some fancy fabric with a satin frog. It’s too subtle as is for my taste :)

Keyhole Tee

The Keyhole Tee is a simple t-shirt that get’s its bang from contrast bands on the sleeve, neck, and hem and a big keyhole cut-out in the back. Though you need the magazine for the instructions, the pattern is available to download for free and I’m sure that those of you with a bit of t-shirt sewing experience under your belt can figure out how to take advantage of the pattern without instructions ;)

Terrycloth Twist

Terrycloth Twist is a hair wrap that I use almost every time I wash my hair to keep my wet hair up off my neck. I really hate wet hair on the back of my neck and this helps to keep my wet hair under control between my shower and bed time. It also works to hold curlers in place, for those of you who rock vintage curled hairstyles!

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  1. You are a busy bee! I zoomed right in on the keyhole shirt to see what order you’d finished it in… thanks! I’ve been obsessed with keyholes lately…
    Hope you and the fam are doing well!

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      Magazines have a verrrry long lead time. I wrote these patterns many months ago! Glad you found the keyhole helpful. Look forward to seeing some keyholes on you!

  2. Hi I am going to make the keyhole tee (sew it all magazine vol. 10) can you please tell me if this magazine includes seam allowances, if so, what size in cm? That would be most helpful

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