Knitting Plans

I got a little excited. And bought more than a little yarn. I seem to be very cyclical in my knitting in that I knit from my stash for a long time and then all of the sudden I go crazy and buy a bunch of new yarn. But (unlike my fabric stash) I only buy yarn with specific projects planned for each skein of yarn. So here’s the new projects I will be knitting.

I bought a cone of natural color 50% wool 50% silk from DBNY. Since I’ve been traveling this week (more on that to come soon), I’ve had lots of time to get a good start on a vintage style cardigan. I had thought I would dye the yarn before knitting the sweater but when the yarn arrived I changed my mind. I think the sweater will be very functional in my wardrobe in creme. I actually bought a second cone that I will use on another sweater (dying the yarn first), but I’m not sure what sweater at this moment because I don’t think it has enough drape for the one that I had bookmarked.

I bought three bags of red Marte by Grignasco. It’s a bulky, 60% wool 37% acrylic 3% polyester. I prefer not to buy yarns with that much synthetic content, but I got it at a STEAL because it is now discontinued and to get enough yarn to knit a whole coat and stay in my budget, it had to be a really really good deal. I also figured the synthetic content would help the coat stand up to the abuse of wearing it a lot, or at least that’s how I’m justifying it to myself.

With the Marte I’m going to knit the Sylvi sweater that I’ve been dreaming about for years. This is Ravelry user Kirstyknits modeling hers, but there are over a thousand knit on Ravelry, so go look there for more inspiring photos!

I bought Noro Maiko to knit the Isobel skirt. Maiko is DK weight 35% silk, 35% wool, 30% mohair. I can’t wait! I’ve always drooled over Noro yarn but waited until I found a very good sale to get enough for a project.

 This is Ravelry user girlunravelled modeling her Isobel skirt. I’ve had several other skirt patterns bookmarked for quite a while, but I found the Noro yarn, decided I wanted it in a skirt, and it wasn’t the right weight for the bookmarked patterns, so I found the Isobel skirt.

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