Knit Maternity Pencil Skirts (Burda 7023)

burda 7023 maternity skirt short black

It seems that I’ve sprouted a bona fide baby bump, so what’s a gal to do other than sew some maternity clothes!? I figured I’d start fast and easy with a couple of knit skirts since I’m still getting healthy again after a rough first trimester so neither my energy nor my brain are running on full steam at the moment. I used Burda 7023 and a couple different knit fabrics from Minerva Crafts.

burda 7023 maternity skirt short black 3

I started with a plain black skirt, above the knee, thinking it would be a great wardrobe basic and work well as winter progresses over leggings. I cut it a little large, but I’m told that this baby bump is going to keep growing (and other parts of me along with it), so I figured I’d leave a bit of room to grow. The pattern is just two pieces with the side seams moved toward the back and a folded waistband with elastic in the back – fast and easy to sew, which, as I said, is just about all my brain can handle at the moment. I wasn’t completely enamored with the construction, so I made a few small changes on my second version, but I didn’t want to re-invent the wheel or anything so I figured I’d save the time and energy of more major changes to a future, more deserving (i.e. complicated) project.

burda 7023 maternity skirt short black 2

The fabric I used for the black skirt was labeled as a scuba knit. I was a bit surprised when it arrived as I was expecting it to be thicker and spongier to compare to other scubas I have sewn (ordering fabric online does come with the occasional surprise). Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a nice quality synthetic bottom-weight knit, especially for the price, I just wouldn’t have labeled it as a scuba. It’s got a decent stretch to it and feels pretty sturdy, so I think it’s a good choice for a comfy skirt, I just had to switch up my initial sewing plans and sew something more suited to a ponte-like fabric (and, like I said, I’m pretty happy with the result).

burda 7023 maternity skirt long floral

I used some totally luscious floral ponte for a second version of the skirt – this time as a maxi since I love maxi skirts. I really debated about what to do with this fabric since I absolutely adored the fabric, the pattern, the weight, the pretty wrong side – really, everything about it – and I wanted to sew ALL THE THINGS out of it. But I had just enough for a maxi skirt and so maxi skirt it is. I’m pretty bummed to say that they seem to have sold out of this exact fabric, since I had talked myself into ordering some more so I could make a top out of it (not to be worn at the same time as the skirt, I promise) since I really adore this fabric, but Minerva does have a nice selection of other ponte fabrics.

burda 7023 maternity skirt long floral 2

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