Kanzashi Wedding Bouquet Tutorial

kanzashi wedding bouquet

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Although I made many things for our wedding, I think the pièce de résistance that made everything feel so me was the handmade silk kanzashi bouquet. I mean it’s just so bright and silly and happy and colorful!


A kanzashi bouquet starts with a whole pile of kanzashi flowers – I had previously made a whole bunch from silk that I hand dyed. What makes them sparkle is a whole bunch of vintage earrings (I got these cheap in a lot since they were all missing their partners), cleaned, with their backs removed. You will also need a hot glue gun, floral wire, fabric for the stems, scraps of felt or fleece, and ribbon.

hot glue on kanzashi flower

On the top of each flower, hot-glue a vintage earring (already cleaned and with the back removed).

sew tubes of fabric

Create a bunch of rouleau cord using your favorite technique (a quick google will lead you to a bunch of tutorials). I started with fabric strips cut at 1/2″ width, sewed a scant quarter inch seam, and turned them inside out. You will need one strip for each stem, although you can shortcut by making longer cord and cutting it down to length after turning it right side out.

make stem correct length

Slide a rouleau cord onto each piece of floral wire. Fold the bottom of the the wire to the finished length that you want (this will prevent the bottom of the bouquet from being scratchy). Slip the rouleau cord over the folded end so that it is tucked inside of the stem.

glue end of stem

Put a tiny dot of glue on the bottom of the stem so that the cord stays in place.

insert circle of fleece

Cut little circles of felt or fleece (a fabric that will not fray), poke a small hole in the middle, and slide the circles onto the top of each stem.

glue stem to back of flower

Hot glue the stem to the back of the flower and then hot glue the circle to the back of the flower so that it hides the raw opening on the back.

gather bouquet

Grab your flowers and arrange them how you want the finished bouquet to be arranged. Wrap a rubber band around the middle to keep them in place. (You can secure them more thoroughly than I did, but this bouquet holds together very well as is and can still be disassembled into individual flowers if I want to do so someday).

rubber band bouquet

Take a scrap bit of the stem fabric and wrap it around the bottom and secure it with a rubber band. This keeps the bottom of the bouquet looking pretty and the mess all gets hidden by ribbon.

wrap ribbon

Take your ribbon and start wrapping it near the bottom of the bouquet.

finished bouquet stem

Tightly wrap the ribbon all the way up to the top of the bouquet and tie a big bow. You want a pretty significant overlap between layers and you want to make sure that you have hidden the raw end that you started with by your first wrap. You’re done!

wedding bouquet on hay bale

kanzashi bouquet on wedding dress

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  1. One of my favorites!!! I plan on trying to make this gorgeous idea this spring!! It will a small one for a friends birthday!
    Thank You Erin for your great ideas and inspiration

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