Just Some Flannel Pajama Bottoms

Brown Floral Pajama Bottoms on Bed

Yep, the post title says it all. I made a couple pairs of simple flannel pajama bottoms.  I really had no plan to sew pajamas any time soon, but, as I was putting on my pajamas the other night, I had an Oh-My-Goodness-I-Can’t-Stand-This-Any-More moment. See, most nights I wear oversized t-shirts and flannel pajama bottoms. And I’ve been steadily wearing out my pajama bottoms until I’ve been down to one pair. One cute pair with little pink pigs all over it that I happen to have made in high school. That was a long time ago, and it showed. And I didn’t realize it bothered me until all of the sudden it really did!

Pockets in Brown Floral Pajama Bottoms

The only interesting bit about these pajama pants I drafted is that they have pockets. Not that one really needs to use pockets while one is sleeping. But they’re nice to have for the Post-Wakeup-I’m-Still-Such-A-Zombie-I-Can’t-Get-Dressed-For-The-Love-Of-All-That-Is-Holy-Give-Me-Caffeine period of the day.

white and rainbow animal pajama bottoms

I’ve had the fabric forever which makes these stashbusters. I think I bought them at a super sale at Joanns, thinking I would use them to make baby/kid gifts. But, as I’m often told I’m an overgrown 4 year old, I think it’s an appropriate use of the fabric.

Two Pair simple flannel pajama bottoms

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  1. I LOVE pjs with pockets! Did you raft these off of your old pair? I need to make myself some pjs and am nervous about the pockets.

    1. Post

      No, I drafted them from scratch. Adding in pockets to a pair of pajamas should be a pretty simple addition. If you have made any other garment (pants or skirt) with pockets that you like, you can transfer over the pattern pieces to a pajama pants pattern.

  2. These look so comfy, and pyjamas with pockets totally makes sense. I have fabric and a pattern to make myself some, but I am definitely going to draft a pocket for them.

  3. These are such fun! I wear my PJ pants pretty hard, since I also double them as lounging-at-home pants on weekends and late nights, so I appreciate the value of a good pair of pj pants with pockets. This post is a great reminder that I need to get around to finding my own go-to pajama pattern.

  4. weirdly i had no plans to make PJs but i have just bought and taped the maria denmark laura lounge pants to make some! i like the look of the comfy waistband.

  5. They both look really cosy and comfy! and your teddy bear is adorable! I put pockets in my PJ pants too hehe. I figure if you’ve got the fabric then why not!

    1. Post

      Adam gives me such a hard time about keeping a teddy bear on the bed! But I’ve had her for 20 years and he’s been in my life a lot less than that, so she has seniority :)

  6. I can’t see any of your photo’s and when I click on them I get a 404 not found error. It might be me as this device has just updated the system and moved all the buttons round, but I can see your flicr photos just fine.

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      Thanks for letting me know. I’ve just switched my blog to a new server and it seems that some people are having problems and some aren’t. My live in tech support is trying to figure out what’s going on…

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