Just Some Baby Pants

baby pants simplicity 2291

I really like to make things for friends’ impending babies. Sometimes I knit sweaters, sometimes I sew quilts, sometimes I sew baby shoes, sometimes I sew leather snails. This time, I made a stack of pants in all different sizes from Simplicity 2291.

camouflage baby pants

The first pair of pants was from some camouflage canvas. I don’t know the sex of my friends’ impending baby, but I do know that s/he’s going to be a little rockstar, so these felt appropriate. The awesome thing about making tiny little clothes is how little fabric they require so all of the pants came from my scrap bin – pieces slightly too large to throw away but not large enough to actually make anything, other than baby clothes!

baby pants 90s pattern mixing

Okay, so these multi-fabric pants are painfully early 90’s. But anything looks cute if it’s on a baby, right?? The pockets came from my floral print jeans, one leg is from my duffle bag, and the other leg is from a picnic set. Love using the fabric scraps!

blue linen baby pants

The final pair is from a linen look fabric that I inherited from my grandmother. They ended up looking like little scrubs, but cute nonetheless.

cargo pocket on baby pants

There are no side seams in this pattern so it’s a super quick sew. There are side pockets which, while probably useless for the baby, does give them a bit of interest. I embroidered a B on the back of each pair so that mom and dad could easily tell which side was which.

b for back of pants

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  1. everything is always more adorable in miniature.

    also, I’ve discovered slipped a tab of soft ribbon as a “tag” helps to differentiate front and back.:)

    1. Post
  2. Very cute pants! And yes, anything looks good on a baby.
    Good for you for using up your fabric scraps too. I love it when I can do that – helps me justify keeping all those scraps in the first place!

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