June 2012 Craftsy Block of the Month Blocks

Okay, so I’m (very) behind in the Craftsy Block of the Month quilt that I’ve been working on. But this month marks the month I get it all back on track, I swear. My mom is caught up and Amy of Sew Well and I have challenged each other to catch up too. Two different metaphorical gauntlets have been thrown so I will arise to the challenge!

Craftsy June 2012 BOM Greek Cross

The June blocks were modern 9 patches. I’ve always thought of 9 patch blocks as being very simple blocks, with 9 different squares making a checkerboard pattern out of two colors. It turns out that 9 patch can refer to any block that is made of 9 square pieces and those squares can have simple or elaborate piecing in them. So, I learned something new!

Craftsy June 2012 BOM Octagon BlockThe top block is called a Greek Cross and the bottom block an Octagon Block. Thanks to the stripe patterns in my fabric showing off every little imperfection in my piecing, these look a little wonky. But they are nice simple blocks that should blend nicely into the sampler of the final quilt.


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  1. Oh! Even though we set the end of August as our goal, I had told myself that I would get to these blocks as soon as I finished my most recent make. That way, I’d hurry both up without having to set aside my current project. Well, I finished the Avocado hoodie tonight, so I think that means these June blocks are next! The blocks only go through October, so if we can mostly catch up this month, there won’t be too much more to do!

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