Japanese Fan Tabi Socks

knit japanese socks tabi toes

I knit these socks from Knitted Socks East and West, a book of sock patterns inspired by Japanese stitches, perfect for the intermediate to advanced knitter. This is my fourth pair of socks knit from this book, one of my favorites. (Check out the others I have knit on Ravelry). This pattern is called Fan Tabi – the fan is the stitch pattern and tabi refers to having a separate toe so it can be worn with sandals.

fan tabi sock detail

I tracked my time religiously on these socks, curious about how long it actually takes to knit a pair of socks. It took me 35.4 hours to knit these socks, with over 2 of those being frogged so that I could use a different size needle for the right gauge. These were mostly knit at work while attending seminars and meetings. I started them in October.

pink tabi sock bottoms

I ended up giving them to my mom because they didn’t fit me very well when complete – too snug. I was very disappointed, because the fit on the other socks from the book has been excellent. My gauge was spot on (I checked again). I think I inadvertently did 1-2 few stitches per row along the length of the foot (too many decreases from the heel). Also, I knit the pattern along the length of the foot while the instructions call for a plain foot. Perhaps this made them less stretchy. Regardless, my mom was very happy to get a pair of handknit socks so I know they will be appropriately loved.

pink malabrigo light of love tabi socks

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