Introducing the Ultraviolet Tee

The Ultraviolet Tee will be an everday staple of your summer like the UV rays from summer sunshine. Oversized with short cut-on sleeves, the shirt can be sewn from knits or wovens. View A is slightly cropped and has a curved hem that meets sharp and high on the side and has a subtle high-low shape from front to back. Wear over a camisole, with high-waisted shorts, or enjoy showing a little peek of skin as you move around. View B is standard shirt length and has a straight hem. Available in 2 cup size options: A-C (dartless) or D-F (darted/gathered) and with an optional pocket. Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions provide separate construction information for wovens and knits.

What features make the Ultraviolet Tee special?

  • Size range from 0-24 (high bust of 32″-52″)
  • Two separate cup size ranges (A-C or D-F)
  • Two different hem options (curved or straight)
  • Separate pattern and instructions so you can sew the shirt from wovens or knit
  • A bunch of helpful tutorials and fun pattern hacks coming to the blog

Personally, this t-shirt is a love letter to my belly. I’m fortunate to have gotten back to almost the same measurements as I had before having a baby. Most of my pre-baby clothes fit. But I have a little belly now. I was sorting through my summer clothes, looking for gaps and planning some sewing, and I was lamenting that I could no longer wear my shorter shirts because I no longer have a flat stomach. And then I checked myself. Because #effyourbeautystandards. My round belly is just as deserving of sunshine as my flat belly was. I may have a mom belly now, but I earned every squishy inch of it, and I’m going to wear it with pride. So I designed a slightly cropped shirt that shows a peek of skin on the side and it’s going to be my go-to shirt all summer long.

Now before the word “cropped” sends you running the other direction, hang on a second. As one of my testers said, “It surprised me that I can get away with wearing cropped tops. I wore one to work and received compliments. It will be a staple for me this summer.” Still not convinced? Coming to the blog soon: I’ve got a TON of great tester photos to show off on a diverse range of body sizes and shapes, I’ve got styling tips for showing skin (or not) with the slightly cropped length of View A, and I’ve got a several tutorials on different ways to lengthen the shirt. View B (with the straight hem) is full length.

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