Introducing the Citrus Leggings!

Barbara in Citrus Leggings View B by Tuesday Stitches

Barbara in Citrus Leggings View B by Tuesday Stitches

I am so gosh darn golly gee excited to finally be able to introduce you to the Citrus Leggings! The Citrus Leggings are a high-waisted, fitted leggings pattern meant for everyday wear under tunics or dresses (but we won’t tell if you wear them as pants). They can also be sewn out of exercise material for a workout pant with personality. Citrus Leggings are available with a plain side panel (View C) or a side panel with unique gathers that can be placed along either the side seam with a smooth Front/Back (View A) or along the Front/Back with a smooth side seam (View B). The pattern includes 3 separate inseams (26” (66 cm), 29” ( 74 cm) or 32” (81 cm)) for an ankle length pant on short, average, or tall women and comes in our standard size range of 0-26 (hip 35″-55″). They can be sewn in any stretch fabric with at least 40% stretch so they work in a ton of different fabrics. Here you’ll see samples in jersey, scuba, sport lycra, and stretch velvet.

Emily in exercise Citrus Leggings View B by Tuesday Stitches

The idea for the Citrus Leggings came through a brainstorming session with Lisa Kievits, my partner in Maternity Sewing. We were brainstorming a capsule collection of maternity patterns and thought it would be neat to include basics with a twist. (No, this isn’t a maternity pattern, but that’s where the idea started. I wanted to perfect it on my standard block first. It’ll be released separately as a maternity pattern on later). We looked to Pattern Magic books for inspiration and hit on the idea of using the apple peel shape from Pattern Magic: Stretch. Their curved pattern piece shape adds length to one side of the pattern piece without affecting the other side.

Barbara in Citrus Leggings View B by Tuesday Stitches

The instructions in the Pattern Magic book add a LOT of gathered fabric along the full length of the leggings. I wanted to have the gathers more controlled so they instead start just above the knee, allowing the waist through thigh to still be fitted and smooth for easier wearing under dresses and tunics. They also affect only the side panel so the inner half of the leggings is also smooth.

Erin in Citrus Leggings by Tuesday Stitches - View A

And then I got even more complicated/obsessed/creative and decided to take the design one step further and allow two different options for the gathers – the gathers can be along the side seam with the front/back seams smooth or it can be along the front/back seams so that the side seam is smooth.

Erin in Citrus Leggings by Tuesday Stitches - View C

These leggings are definitely the longest pattern work-in-progress I’ve developed. They’ve gone through 3 major rounds of testing (and been sent out to a few friends in between). I’ve gone through the emotional rollercoaster of redrafting and regrading them from scratch several times as I worked to get the best possible fit over our broad range of sizes. I’m really proud of what we ended up with and I really think you’ll like them too!

Citrus Leggings by Tuesday Stitches

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