Introducing Maternity Patterns and!

If you’ve ever noticed things being a little quiet here behind the scenes in the last year, chances are it was because I was working on Maternity Sewing. I’m pretty darn stoked to say that our launch date is finally here and I don’t have to be quiet any more. Hooray! is your source for maternity, nursing, and postpartum friendly sewing patterns. More than just being a curated sewing pattern shop, we want to be a community resource so we have plans for blog content and a podcast featuring maternity/nursing/postpartum sewing tutorials and inspiration and body positivity through all of the changes your body undergoes. We want to be a part of a community of women who have “been there” or are “there” right now to provide you both sewing and emotional support through what’s likely to be the biggest changes your body and your life will undergo.

Even if you’re not pregnant now or don’t have plans to be soon or haven’t been pregnant either recently or ever, it’s still worth looking at the shop we’ve carefully curated. We’ve put a ton of effort in categorizing the patterns by recommended usage, so anything labelled for early maternity or postpartum just means that it doesn’t have a fitted waist. If you like a trapeze, swing, or a-line shape then you’ll love what you find in our shop as well.

Maternity Tropo Camisole by Tuesday Stitches

As part of the launch of Maternity Sewing I’ve re-drafted three different Tuesday Stitches patterns on a maternity block (with more to come!) and they are available for purchase exclusively on Maternity Sewing. The Tropo Maternity Camisole has all of the same features as the Tropo Camisole including A-F cup sizing, 16 possible neckline combinations, and a nursing option for nursing while pregnant or immediately postpartum.

Maternity Ultraviolet Tee by Tuesday Stitches

The Ultraviolet Maternity Tee has two different views. There is a cropped view that goes up over your belly so there’s no need to worry so it will fit no matter what size your belly is. It’s also great for nursing after pregnancy when worn over a camisole.

Maternity Ultraviolet Tee by Tuesday Stitches

While you can probably wear the Ultraviolet Tee for much of a pregnancy because of its oversize shape and the side slits, pregnant bellies take up volume in both width and length of clothing. The Ultraviolet Maternity Tee has a second view that will accommodate the largest pregnant bellies without letting the front of the shirt ride up. Again, it is available exclusively on

Maternity Laminaria Swimsuit by Tuesday Stitches

Finally, the Laminaria Maternity Swimsuit is a simple version of the Laminaria Swimsuit. Our patterns testers assured us that it kept everything well contained for prenatal pool exercises! Again, it is available exclusively on

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