Introducing the Geometric Table Runner

Note:This pattern is not currently for sale.

Though it’s clear my biggest obsession is garment sewing, I do dabble in many things textile related and quilting is certainly on that list. I originally wrote the pattern for this Geometric Table Runner for Sewing World Magazine, May 2014 where it was called “Tangerine Dream”. After getting a couple of requests for the pattern since then, I decided it was about time to dust it off, reformatted it, and expand and illustrate the instructions.

The pattern is really quite simple so it’s approachable for beginning quilters. More experienced quilters can have fun playing with quilting in the large open spaces or getting creative with fabric choices.

The pattern uses 5 separate fabrics. I’ve made the table runner twice for my house and it’s quite remarkable how different it can be when comparing an assortment of high contrasting solids to using low volume prints. We’ve changed color palettes again so maybe I need to make another :)

The instructions are illustrated in a step-by-step manner over 8 pages. There’s even a line drawing so you can color in your own fabric choices! Pick up a copy of the Geometric Table Runner for yourself!

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  1. I see you have interesting furniture :) I loved the buffet and the cupboard really got my attention: is it a piece of the Brasilia furniture line?

    1. Post

      Yes, that is a Brazilia cupboard. We have the small and the large Brazilia cupboard, a Brazilia dresser, and a Brazilia headboard (that sadly doesn’t fit our new bed). My husband and I have a hard time agreeing on decorating but we both like Brazilia so we seem to accumulate it :)

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