I’m Currently Riding My Bike from Seattle to Portland.

While you read this (or at least when this posts), I’ll be in the middle of riding my bike from Seattle to Portland. It’s 200 miles of riding over 2 days. We’ll do 120 miles on Saturday and 80 on Sunday.

For the last couple of months I’ve been training. Which means that every Saturday and Sunday I’ve gone on bike rides. Bike rides that have gotten longer and longer. Our last big training ride was 83 miles with 5000 ft of elevation. It felt pretty significant.

I’m really excited to be doing this ride. It’s my first big ride. I get to share it with friends and family that are important to me – my boyfriend, stepdad, neighbor, cousin, and her boyfriend are all riding together with me. My mom is driving sag wagon and is going to meet us for lunch on Saturday and for dinner and camping Saturday night.

I’m prepared to be very proud of my accomplishment.
And I’m a little bit terrified of the prospect.

So send some good thoughts my way. Because I might need them.

santa cruz city limit with bicycle

This is me after riding from San Francisco to Santa Cruz a few weeks ago. I’m hoping for the same level of pride, excitement, and fun this weekend!