I’m Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


This is not the year for fancy Christmas party dresses. However, I can’t let the holiday season go unmarked by some thematic outfit because, well, I just can’t! This top came together in a matter of minutes and I know it’s going to get some pretty solid wear until Christmas.


The bodice was originally a maternity shirt and had long ties that wrap around the belly. I wore it once and hated but I adored the fabric so I just couldn’t let it go. I cut off the ties and sewed down the cross-over but it’s kind of an awkward cropped length so I didn’t wear it. The red stripes were scraps left over from my 80’s striped dress. I had to piece together several scraps to make this skirt (and I wish I had had enough I could have made it dress length!), but I saved every little bit of this fabric as I adored it and I’m glad I could do something with it. It’s the perfect weight and hand. I got both the red and green from Minerva Crafts and it looks like they don’t have any in stock right now, but keep an eye out in case it comes back if you like bright stripes. I’m sad that I’ve finally eked out all the garments I can from what fabric I had!


I was inspired by an outfit I made for my adorable niece for her December birthday (pattern from Ottobre Winter 2016). I couldn’t get a great photo of her because the adorable creature does. not. sit. still. But she pulled the shirt on as soon as she opened it which I took as a good sign. (Even more fun, she pulled the matching panties on (over her leggings and diaper I might add) so she looked like a superhero as she climbed around and flashed red and white strip underoos :)


It’s kinda fun to have a very matching outfit from my head to my toes (even though I’m the only one who will know). Or more accurately, from my boobs to my butt as I have a bra and panties that I made out of the ties I cut off of the green shirt :)


I stitched the red fabric to the bodice by stretching a piece of 3/8″ elastic along the waistline to gather the red (and slightly gather the green). Looking at the photos, I think I may see if I can easily bring the waist in a little bit more. I like that the top is loose and comfy, but I think it might flatter a bit more with a little less style ease in the bodice. I comfortably fit the bodice in my 3rd trimester and, given that I gained 50lbs while pregnant, it’s a bit too big now since I’ve lost most of my pregnancy weight.


It may not be sexy, it may not be super flattering, but golly gee it’s comfortable and it’s fun! And right now that’s what I’m looking for in my limited wardrobe. It’s very much me. Playful, bright, and a little silly. I feel very happy wearing it and I love the fact that it draws cheerful comments from those around me (it had a very successful trip to the grocery store today).


The sweater I’m wearing with it is the Hetty by Andi Satterlund.
The jeans are thrifted RTW. (I don’t quite fit back into any of my handmades yet.)

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