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I have neighbors now. And it’s awesome. For the last 10 years, I lived in apartments. Sure, there were plenty of other people that lived on the same floor, in the same apartment complexes, or on the same street. But I experienced the truism that the denser the living situation, the less likely you are to know your neighbors as your home becomes your own private escape from the bustle.

When Adam and I were looking to buy a house we were looking mostly at houses on 5 acre plots and we didn’t want to be able to see any of our neighbors. Somehow the house that we bought is on much less than an acre and smack in the middle of a neighborhood. And somehow that fact has made our new home even more amazing than I thought it could.

It’s pretty phenomenal to have friendly, welcoming, caring people around. I’m learning the names of our neighbors (and their dogs) as they walk by and stop to chat. Our neighbors across the street had a bonfire just after we moved so that they could introduce us to other folks nearby. Yesterday, I went across the street the other direction to drop off some cherry jam (because I canned a TON of it this week) and my neighbor and I ended up talking for a couple of hours!

Living in a neighborhood has meant that we have an instant community which has felt really powerful to me as I don’t really know anyone (other than my parents) in the town we just moved to.

And having neighbors is even a boon to my sewing! My neighbor across the street showed me her sewing and photography studio and suggested that we hit garage sales or the thrift store or even go in to the city together to get supplies!

Do you live in a neighborhood? Do you feel like a part of a community where you live? Have you been able to connect with any of your neighbors around your sewing?


Each week this year I’m going to reflect on an aspect of myself and how it affects me as a sewist, crafter, or blogger. It may get deep, it may get emotional, it may get totally silly. It may be something I’m proud of, it may be something I cringe at, it may be something I aspire to. I may say a lot, I may say a little, I may ask questions, I may not answer them. I don’t quite know where the project will take me, but I’m excited about the journey. I’d be honored to have you join me on this journey. Chime in any time this year in my blog comments, on TwitterInstagram, or your own blog. Join me in my theme for the week or make up your own.

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  1. I live near the University of Denver and most of my neighbors are college kids but I’m blessed with a next-door neighbor who is friendly but not intrusive and so helpful. I like the energy of all the young people but its not an atmosphere that promotes close neighborly relations. No bonding over sewing, unfortunately.

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  2. Yes, our neighbors are such good people, my husband and I have stayed in the same little house we moved into after getting married for many, many years greatly due to not wanting to move away from them. There is great value to knowing that there are people looking out for me and my children right nearby.

    Also, you should have a virtual “pool party” after you finish the nautilus sew along. Flickr and Instagram, maybe?

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      How lovely that you have such great neighbors that it has discouraged you from moving.

      I love the idea of calling it a “virtual pool party”! I’ve set up a Facebook group where people can share photos as they are working on the suit or finished and people can connect throughout over Instagram with #SwimSew15.

  3. “My neighbor across the street showed me her sewing and photography studio and suggested that we hit garage sales or the thrift store or even go in to the city together to get supplies!” oh boy, that is lucky indeed!

    It’s great to have neighbors and be able to just have the easy, day to day of hanging out or tackling projects. And so practical to know your neighbors – you can look out for each other (including kids and pets), borrow things, hitch a ride when your car is in the shop, water plants and pick up mail while on vacation…..

    I’ve found it is always so worth the time to get to know the neighbors. Lots of fun, too! Glad to hear others are treading the same path.

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