I Am a Dreamer


I rarely remember the dreams I have at night, and when I do they are usually pretty odd but mundane, like the dream I had last week where the dishwasher was broken so I had to do dishes with rainwater, shampoo, and a towel. So I wouldn’t really call myself much a dreamer in that regard. But during the day, I dream a lot. I love letting my mind wander down the pathways of “what if”. I love thinking about what the future might hold, thinking about what I want it to hold, and dreaming up ways that I might get myself to where I want to be.

When Adam and I were first learning to be partners, my tendency to dream was a problem for him. I would say “I’d like to have 3 kids, and buy an old VW bug and paint it bright pink, and hike the length of the Pacific Crest Trail, and grow my hair out to my waist, and get a pet teacup pig, and find a pair of perfectly fitting white leather go-go boots, and have my own sewing studio the size of house, and learn to speak German, and…” Adam didn’t like it, because he thought I was saying that I needed all of these things to be happy. He would do anything to make me happy but knew it wasn’t possible for me to have all of the things I would dream about. We found a way to dream together once I explained to him that I’m not wedded to any of my dreams – they change and grow as I change and grow. My process of dreaming all the things is how I figure out what specific dreams I do want to focus on and work toward.

I’m definitely a dreamer in the sewing and knitting realm. I have a sewing and knitting queue of approximately 900 projects each. And I know I’ll never be able to make them all. And that’s fine with me. I get a lot of fulfillment out of the ideas themselves – making lists, drawing sketches, collecting vintage patterns.

Are you a dreamer? How does it affect your sewing or knitting?


Each week this year I’m going to reflect on an aspect of myself and how it affects me as a sewist, crafter, or blogger. It may get deep, it may get emotional, it may get totally silly. It may be something I’m proud of, it may be something I cringe at, it may be something I aspire to. I may say a lot, I may say a little, I may ask questions, I may not answer them. I don’t quite know where the project will take me, but I’m excited about the journey. I’d be honored to have you join me on this journey. Chime in any time this year in my blog comments, on Twitter, Instagram, or your own blog. Join me in my theme for the week or make up your own.

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  1. I have always had colourful dreams, with weird and wonderful details. I too have daydreams of projects, things to learn and do, places to go and make lists, draw out ideas. I don’t worry anymore about deadlines( I am 67) , I just carry on and move something else to the top of the list.

  2. I usually have very colorful dreams, where I do weird stuff like swim through the air to get to places (I was a swimmer for 13 years) – and I also have water dreams a lot that are related to work (like the water is over my head if I’m stressed – or I’m sitting on a beach looking at the nice water if I’m not).

    I also am a huge daydreamer/have a lot of ADD, which isn’t always a good thing (think getting lost in thought/getting scared when my coworkers come in my office and having 100 tabs open on my internet browser). This definitely comes into play with sewing too…. I also have a huge queue of things to sew, and sometimes I fantasize that I can get 3 things sewn in one day (which can only happen if they’re t-shirts… not dresses).

    But I also have been learning to let go, and not put too much pressure on myself to get through my to-do list… sometimes you just have to drink a few glasses of wine and watch Netflix :D

  3. I am a dreamer, too. I dream about what is, what was, and what could never really exist except in my imagination, i.e., if I had a tail, what would it look like? What would your tail look like?

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