How to Sew the Electron Layette in Wovens

While the cardigan and pants in the Electron Layette pattern are intended for knits, it’s pretty simple to sew them with wovens instead which opens up a whole other world of fabric options, like these beautiful fabrics from Shannon Fabrics. I’ll detail how to sew Electron Layette pants and cardigan with wovens so you can do the same!

To sew the Electron Layette pants in a woven fabric you’ll want to add a bit of extra width to the waist and the ankle but keep the length the same – the woven won’t stretch like the knit so you need the extra width to make it easy to pull on and off. I recommend tracing your pattern up a size but keeping the original length. While you’re tracing, you’ll want to remove a little bit of the taper at the ankle. The red lines in the diagram show what it would look like to perform these adjustments.

Since the Electron Layette cardigan is designed for sweatshirt fabrics with a low stretch percentage, you can actually just swap in a woven in place of a knit without making any changes. If your woven fabric is bulkier than a sweatshirting (like the bonded cuddle micro suede/fleece in this example), you’ll probably want to go up a size. If you’re sewing for a babe who is shorter or rounder than average, you may want to go up a size while maintaining the original length, like you would for the pants. Make sure that you keep the shaping at the bottom of the sleeves because this makes it possible to use the cut-on portion as a facing for the hem. The red lines in the diagram show what it would look like to do that.

The bib is already designed for a knit or woven so no need to do anything extra for it to sew it out of a woven like this cute Embrace Double Gauze from Shannon Fabrics. You may recognize the fabric from our Ultraviolet Tee – it’s the leftover scraps and it’s great for a drool bib since it’s a bit spongy but oh so soft for a babe. The hat pattern in the Electron Layette will NOT work for wovens as it relies on stretch to fit the head.

You can see even in a woven there’s enough room in these pants for a toddler to monkey around! The pants are Shannon Fabrics’ Waffle which is a bit spongy, quite thick, and a great weight for a multi-season baby or toddler pant. Of course these photos are on my little monkey of a 2 year old, who is at the very top end of the sizing on this pattern, but these fabrics and adjustments will work equally well for all sizes (newborn to 2 years old) of the Electron Layette Pattern.

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