How to Mark a Book for Trade or Sell in Ravelry

While organizing my knitting pattern library in Ravelry, I noticed that there is the option to mark pattern books and magazines as available for sale or trade, but it took me a bit of mucking about to figure out how to do so. I put together this little tutorial to help anyone that might be curious to do so themselves.

add item to ravelry library

To start, you need to have the book in your library. Under the “My Notebook” tab, click on library. From there, select “add items to my library”. In the search box, type in the name of the book and select it from the drop down menu.

ravelry edit notes on bookOnce your books are in your library, select “Books” under “Types”  so that it is just displaying the books that you have in your library. (Not strictly necessary but makes it easier to work with if you have a large library). Make sure that the view you are using is “details”. Then click “edit notes” for any book that you want to mark as “For sale or trade”.

select for sale or trade ravelryYou can now select check boxes for “Available to trade?” and “For sale” and then “save changes”.
Ravelry Will Trade or SellRavelry automatically generates a set called “Will Trade or Sell” and selecting it will show you all of the books that you have marked as available for sale or trade. Unfortunately, it looks like as of right now, there is no way to search through all users’ libraries for trade/sell books, only one person’s at a time. So this may not help you find a wide audience for a book sale/exchange, but perhaps it will help you mentally and emotionally sort your library. And maybe the search feature will get added in the future (one can hope!).


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