How to French Knot

close up with french knot

My favorite embroidery stitch, and the one that gave me the most persistent headaches while learning, is the french knot. It makes a lovely accent with other stitches and can be quite beautiful on its own. It’s one of only two stitches you need to know to stitch my embroidered love letter (along with backstitch).

French knot diagram 1

French knot diagram 2

French knot diagram 3

French knot diagram 4

How to stitch a french knot:

1 – Start the stitch, coming up from below

2 – With the thread facing left, bring the needle in from the right and twist the needle around the thread 2-3 times.

3 – Pull the wrapped stitches tightly and insert the needle right next to the active stitch.

4 – Pull the thread through. Keep your finger gently on the knot while you pull for stability.

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