How to Backstitch

Backstitch of different lengths

I thought I would share how to do a couple of different embroidery stitches for those of you interested in getting into embroidery for your wall or to spice up a handmade wearable.

embroidered writing closeup

First up, backstitch. One of two stitches you need to know in order to stitch my How Do I Love Thee? embroidery. Backstitch is a great stitch for working straight lines and outlining shapes. You can make the stitch length as long or as short as you want and it’s easy to use on tightly woven fabrics as well as aida cloth.

Backstitch Diagram 1

Backstitch Diagram 2

Backstitch Diagram 3

Backstitch Diagram 4

To make a line of backstitch growing from right to left:

1 – Start the stitch, coming up from below.

2 – Insert the needle one stitch length to the right.

3 – Come up from below one stitch length to the left.

4 – Insert the needle into the same hole as the left side of the most recently finished stitch.


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